The first trading day of the week ended growth of the major currencies. In the first place, growth was corrective in nature after a strong strengthening of the U.S. dollar. Support for currencies and economic data had. News on the euro were better than analysts' expectations, or in line with forecasts, data from the UK, namely the sentiment index in the construction sector has also increased. But factory orders declined in America, which has a negative impact on the U.S. currency. The important news is that lowering the forecast for GDP growth in the United States, the agency Standard&Poor's believes that the growth in the 4th quarter of the first economy does not exceed the value of 1.6 %.

The EUR/USD during the day could rise above the level of 1.3500 . After reaching the level of 1.3450 European currency began to rise, more active buyers. To date, the currency pair is trading near the support level 1.3500, rising above it will open the way to 1.3650 . Otherwise, it will return to the euro narrow range of 1.3500 - 1.3450, and will remain there until such time as not assigned to one of said boundaries. In economic news, which may influence the course of trade, it should be noted change in the number of unemployed in Spain, and later come out forecasts for the European economy. The dynamics of the U.S. dollar may have changed since publication of the index of business activity in the service sector, which will be released today at 15:00 (GMT 0).

The British pound confidently pushed away from the support of 1.5900 and moves to the level of 1.6000 . Growth of the pair GBP/USD contributed to yesterday's publication sentiment index in the construction sector, it's value increased to 59.4, against 58.9 in October. Today released the PMI index in the services sector, analysts expect a decline. Support for the British pound is at 1.5900 . Near-term resistance at 1.6000 .

Yesterday's increase in the Australian dollar to the current moment is almost completely exhausted. Is clearly seen that there is lateral movement of the pair AUD/USD. There is no clear boundary, but the center of the range is the level of 0.95 . While the Australian dollar will come from the support area, should refrain from trading. We believe that the Australian dollar is more to growth than to the re- reduction. The aim for the bulls is the level of 0.98 .

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