Most of the trading advisors suggest the work, usually with one or two assets. But there are systems whose functionality is designed for continuous operations with dozens of financial instruments. One of the representatives of this class of complex algorithms is a multi-advisor Gepard. This legendary auto trader is very popular. The enthusiasm of the developers of such systems does not know borders. Through this adviser Gepard constantly updated, there are new versions, in which programmers try to take into account the shortcomings of previous models.

The first versions of the Cheetah were set to work only with currency pairs. And here, for example, version 5 allows you to create a portfolio adviser of trading strategies to work with virtually all the tools available currency pairs, contracts for difference (CFD), metals, and so forth. Undoubtedly, such a number of instruments traded creates some difficulty in understanding the algorithms and forecasting operating results, but at the same time providing a high degree of diversification of capital, and it significantly reduces the risk.

To start using this algorithm trader must establish Gepard adviser to one of the graphs and the system will automatically detect the available trading instruments. Active intervention in the working of the algorithm is required. The exception may be periodic user adjustments.

Opportunities Adviser Cheetah.

  1. Trade all available tools. The use of such a wide range of tools allows you to open positions in different directions based on the principle of hedging.
  2. Portfolio strategies. In the trading advisor is a set of strategies for the different phases of the market: trend, counter trend, scalping strategies, algorithms using oscillators. Thus, regardless of the current state of the market, the adviser is always in operation and provided signals.
  3. Systems management positions. It's the universal tool for filtering opened advisor positions. The program allows you to set the parameters of the input/output for each particular instrument: stop-loss levels, the method of increasing the position, inverse trade, trailing tactics.
  4. Adaptive management of capital. Money management is the most important part of successful trading. Advisor Cheetah offers a choice of the method for determining the size of the position (lots).
  5. The filter system of strategies and types of operations. This function allows you to select strategies that meet specified levels of risk traders. It's also possible to set limits on the areas of operations on specific instruments. For example, only work from buying the pair USD/JPY, because of the presence of serious fundamental factors.

Advisor Cheetah - it's an excellent tool of automated trading. It fits well into the process of dealing, and complaints from brokers at him almost none.

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