Contests for traders

Contests for traders are a great chance for self-development. Some contests allow to test the strategy and also get the prize, the others allow to get training and real reward or fight with colleagues in the demo tournament. Section is constantly updated with new exciting and helpful contests, so it is worthy of close attention.

Get USD 3,000 in two weeks, 75,000 in a year, without spending a penny, without risking anything – the contest from Instaforex. The contest is held among Demo accounts «Lucky Trader». Easy registration and you're in!

It does not matter whether you're a beginner or a professional, scalping or focused on long-term systems – you always have a chance. You can try out the most risky strategies. You can bet on a quiet trading in the opposite to your rivals, and, most importantly, you can always use a second chance – every two weeks.

Instaforex – virtual account brings real money!


The prize fund is USD 6,000 every month. 12 months a year. 8 winners and no restrictions on trading strategies and expert advisors.

Instaforex gives you a unique chance to write your name forever in the Gallery of winners and earn real money without risking anything. You cannot lose anything, but you can acquire. Each month, a prize fund is at stake in trading without restrictions, no rules – just a victory! If you think only a professional can win, you are wrong. The one who has luck and feeling for market can also win. When 1:500 leverage on a demo account, even a single deal can bring you victory!