Tension pulls on the market quotes in a thin gold band, which is becoming dangerous for intraday traders. Dangerous, because it usually has the ability to break through the gold their ranges sharp pulses that can bring big losses intraday traders in a very short period of time, that do not place limits losses. Pure graphic now on the daily chart you can see the classic isosceles triangle, which is almost expired. Price as sandwiched between the two boundaries that are not free to traders will wait for the breakdown in any direction. On Monday, an attempt to break through down failed, and the price went up. On Wednesday, an attempt will be breaking up.

It is a logical expectation. But it is not recommended to set the pending orders outside the current range in the hope of catching a big move. Yes, it is technically correct and the theory of the breakdown of the classical strategies requires such action, but the situation can see, many traders and analysts, and it is possible that the first sample would be false to obtain more favorable terms for the purchase and sale of gold by large players in the market before the main movement (because as in the current market liquidity will not find much). Therefore it is better to be "alive" and wait for the breakdown of his confirmation. If you can not monitor the situation pending orders can be arranged outside the triangle, but only with the mandatory installation of stop orders, limit the loss.

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