Forex bonuses

Forex bonuses are a great chance to start a career as a trader or boost your profits and minimize losses. Customers are offered nice bonuses and promotions – refund of the part of the spread, Forex bonus on the deposit in the amount of 50%, refund of expenses for commission, accrual of 30% for each refill as the gift and other useful "perks". More special deals – more opportunities and money.

Planning to start working on Forex, but not too confident in your abilities? Want to minimize the risks of trading? Open cent account with Forex4you and get a full-fledged site with a standard set of tools and functions.

Just imagine. You can get started with investments from 1 to 10 dollars. It is an excellent solution not only for beginners, but also for those who want to test a new advisor or a self-developed strategy in real time.

To achieve great results, start small!

Off the overhead costs! Forex4you refunds traders with a part of the commission. 

Are you trading in the black, but the commission eats up your profits? Are you a scalper and low commission is a mandatory requirement for you? Trade a certain amount and get back part of the commission. Forex4you returns up to 17.5% to everyone who is involved in the bonus promotion. 

You can also become an owner of the special offer from Forex4you: get back 50% of spread and receive 10 active bonuses at once! Participate and you'll be in luck’s way!

Now it has become even easier to “catch the tail of good luck” on Forex! Forget about manual trading, scrupulous study of analytics, gnawing doubts and high risks. We suggest to use the experience of the most successful traders who earn on operations with currency or metals.

Select the worthy leaders whose deals will be automatically copied to your account almost instantly, thus repeating the brilliant results.

Do not miss your chance! Believe me, you don’t have to be a professional to earn good money.

Profit from everything you do is a great rule for any trader! RoboForex gives you such an opportunity with a new bonus program.

Every RoboForex trader can now get 50% of each refill. In order to get the bonus, you must make a deposit via My Account.

If you are not a company’s customer yet, and are only planning to start trading, now it is the best time to do so! Bonus program is also valid for new customers.

Hurry up to refill your trading deposit and get your bonus. RoboForex – more profit!