Forex bonuses

Forex bonuses are a great chance to start a career as a trader or boost your profits and minimize losses. Customers are offered nice bonuses and promotions – refund of the part of the spread, Forex bonus on the deposit in the amount of 50%, refund of expenses for commission, accrual of 30% for each refill as the gift and other useful "perks". More special deals – more opportunities and money.

Planning to start working on Forex, but not too confident in your abilities? Want to minimize the risks of trading? Open cent account with Forex4you and get a full-fledged site with a standard set of tools and functions.

Just imagine. You can get started with investments from 1 to 10 dollars. It is an excellent solution not only for beginners, but also for those who want to test a new advisor or a self-developed strategy in real time.

To achieve great results, start small!

Off the overhead costs! Forex4you refunds traders with a part of the commission. 

Are you trading in the black, but the commission eats up your profits? Are you a scalper and low commission is a mandatory requirement for you? Trade a certain amount and get back part of the commission. Forex4you returns up to 17.5% to everyone who is involved in the bonus promotion. 

You can also become an owner of the special offer from Forex4you: get back 50% of spread and receive 10 active bonuses at once! Participate and you'll be in luck’s way!

Now it has become even easier to “catch the tail of good luck” on Forex! Forget about manual trading, scrupulous study of analytics, gnawing doubts and high risks. We suggest to use the experience of the most successful traders who earn on operations with currency or metals.

Select the worthy leaders whose deals will be automatically copied to your account almost instantly, thus repeating the brilliant results.

Do not miss your chance! Believe me, you don’t have to be a professional to earn good money.

Want to increase your income even more? Then be sure to use a unique offer for traders from MultiRebate. The system offers the highest level of return of the part of spread on the Forex market – 1.5 points from each transaction! The amount of savings is up to $15 for each lot. The money is credited to the trading account instantly, immediately after completion of the transaction.

Take advantage of a fully automated process and do not be distracted by calculating payments. The amount of money received depends solely on the volume of trading and your activity.

Liteforex starts a new bonus program: Non-stop Bonus. A unique offer in the Forex market: refill your account and get a 30% bonus.

Enjoy all the benefits of Liteforex. Minimum commission, fast order execution, and beneficial refill are just the tip of the iceberg. Liteforex is a reliable, time-proved partner for millions of traders around the world!

Get «Non-stop Bonus» and join the ranks of successful traders. The promotion is valid for all Liteforex customers, so don’t miss your opportunity!

Stop losing money! You are still dependent on third-party payment systems that eat up your finances with the commissions? Now you can deposit with a card, and we will reimburse you the written-off commission.

Refill directly from the bank cards on LiteForex with 0% commission! You are independent of the third-party payment services, and the commission from the deposit will be refunded to the balance of your trading account.

To use the service, select "transfers by bank cards" in the "Refill" section in your account and enter the required card details.

Do you need to make a deposit? Get two! 

Promotions and bonuses from MFX Broker go on! MFX doubles the initial deposit of all new traders. 

Starting Forex trading has never been so favorable before. Double your capital, get double profit, trade more, earn more! 

Bonus is valid for all MFX customers, irrelevant to deposit size. The offer is valid until April 15. Give yourself a present – open an account and a bonus with MasterForex!

An unprecedented promotion for those affected by trading Swiss francs on January, 15. MFX Broker offers compensation in the amount of 200% of the losses (credited to a deposit) or $100 of deposit-free bonus. The promotion applies to all traders of other brokers.

Clients of MFX Broker, who lost money trading Swiss francs, can also get a rescue 200% bonus.

To get help, just sign up with MFX Broker, pass the user certification and get more details from the client relations department. Your losses are our concern.

Attention: a unique termless promotion from MFX Broker, which started cooperation with the world famous payment system Neteller!

Now your profits will be even higher. Sign up with the payment system Neteller and get the possibility to refill and withdraw funds without commission.

The promotion will apply to both beginners and experienced traders. It's simple:
1) Create a Personal account;
2) Activate an "Add" button in "My wallets";
3) Select the Neteller payment system from the list and follow the instructions.

Be sure to take advantage of new features!

An international financial broker FBS gives away $5 bonus when you open a micro-account. The promotion is limited!

It is very easy to get a bonus! Three steps towards your $5 bonus are the following:

1. Open a trading micro-account.

2 . Confirm your personal information.

3 . Click "Get a bonus!"

FBS company allows everyone to begin their journey in the Forex market without investments. Favorable trading terms, constant support and professional analytics will lead you to success. Don’t miss your chance and get $5 on your first account!

Profit from everything you do is a great rule for any trader! RoboForex gives you such an opportunity with a new bonus program.

Every RoboForex trader can now get 50% of each refill. In order to get the bonus, you must make a deposit via My Account.

If you are not a company’s customer yet, and are only planning to start trading, now it is the best time to do so! Bonus program is also valid for new customers.

Hurry up to refill your trading deposit and get your bonus. RoboForex – more profit!

RoboForex team is always striving to create the best conditions for their clients. No fee for account refill by any method is a great way for a trader to minimize their costs and extract more profits!

Now you do not need to monitor various payment systems to figure out the lowest percentage of fee. You can work with the most convenient for you. When the money is credited to an account, the amount of fee withheld by payment system instantly returns to the client's account as a bonus from RoboForex and is credited in one lump sum.

Feel free to refill your account with RoboForex! No restrictions on the use and withdrawal of bonus money are guaranteed.

Want to increase your profits? Dream of improving the financial situation by earning on Forex but do not know where to open an account?

Pay attention to NordFX! By opening a new ZuluTrade account, you get a fully controllable tool for earnings and a lot of useful "stuff" – minimum deposit is $50/€50, spreads start from 1 pip, access to transactions with gold, silver, currency pairs in the amount of 37 items, unlimited maximum volume of positions, ability to view and analyze the strategies of the best professionals, and more.

Can’t decide to start a career on Forex? Want to try your capabilities, but are afraid to risk a substantial amount, or lack the initial capital?

For such cases NordFX offers opening a real trading account on the unique conditions. Now the minimum deposit is just $5.

Spend a few minutes on a simple registration by filling out a simple form, and you can safely start a career on Forex and explore the available financial instruments without the risk of substantial losses.

NordFX is your ticket to a world of new financial opportunities.

$10,000 at a time? This is real! AMarkets offer Welcome Bonus to its new customers. 

Why do you need a bonus? Your money is your possibility. More money means more possibilities! Use your assets all the way with AMarkets. 

Open an account with AMarkets broker and get up to 20% bonus of the deposited amount. The bonus can be cashed out after trading a certain volume.

Become the owner of a fashionable and stylish device when trading with InstaForex. 

The prize range includes the following devices: iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Samsung Galaxy Tab – the number of prizes is limited. Desired prizes, aren’t they? 

All you need to win is to deposit your trading account with InstaForex for more than $500 and sign up for the contest. Hurry up, only 12 devices are available! 

Trade and win prizes. Combine business with pleasure: InstaForex makes it possible!

Traders know best that time is money. With this promotion, you will be able to enter into profitable deals that are inaccessible to most competitors. Just imagine: a waiting period for some orders is tenths of a second! It seems incredible.

Trade with the advantage by using the usual wide range of trading assets (currency pairs, stocks, commodities and indices) and 6 kinds of options, but with greater efficiency and profits by eliminating unnecessary middlemen.

An unprecedented offer from Instaforex: a bonus of 250 percent! Increase the amount in your account without any effort or expense. Just join the promotion from InstaForex!

If you have not had the accounts with this broker before, you will receive a welcome bonus of 250 percent! Gift is credited to the Standard account with USD currency opened after June 15, 2013.

Registration, account refill, application for a bonus – a total of three elementary steps will give you the amount 2.5 times more than the one credited to the account. Start your activities in the market with a profit!

FIBO Group Forex broker has launched a special promotion “100% Forex bonus”, in which customers are given 100 percent from the refill amount! You too can join the promotion and double your account!

Both new and existing customers of the broker may join the promotion. Open a new account or refill the current, and the bonus is yours! The Bonus trading account of MT4 Fixed type must be refilled with an amount not less than $300 or an amount equivalent to the specified.

Use the opportunity and increase the effectiveness of your funds turnover.

This never happened before! InstaForex announces a super promotion: the main prize is a unique sports car of the premium class, Porsche Cayman.

Everyone can become a potential owner of this supercar! To participate, you must be an InstaForex customer, open $1,500 (or more) account, and sign up for the contest.

And that’s not all! Cash prized are also given away. The total cash fund of the contest is $500,000. Don’t miss this opportunity, hit the jackpot – who knows, maybe this Porsche will become yours?

IFCMarkets believes that money should always bring profit, even if it is not involved in trading, and therefore accrues interest on all available funds on your current account in the amount of 2% per annum. Now, even if you have no open positions, you can still make a profit!

Interest is accrued on funds not involved in the transaction and not being a guarantee. Calculation of the interest is made every day, and the funds are credited to your account every month. Funds transferred to the account are completely at your disposal and are available both for trading and withdrawal from the account!

Trading on real accounts? XM offers to widen your opportunities – when you refill your account by up to $500, your account increases by 50%, and by 20% when you refill it by up to $5,000.

Without changing the strategy, without taking additional obligations! XM just increases your potential profit! Bonus is accrued instantaneously at the moment of the refill and doesn’t require any additional contracts or obligations. Loyalty program is valid for all types of accounts. XM values its clients, not only offering them a high quality service, but also making every effort to improve the financial results!

FinFX offers you to extend your possibilities! Thanks to collaboration with VPS providers Beeks FX, FinFX dealing center offers its customers new opportunities – free VPS (Virtual Private Server)!

VPS server allow your expert advisors to run smoothly 24 hours a day and make transactions much faster than from your home computer or mobile device, and thus to obtain better prices. Trading with VPS is entirely safe and completely confidential. Open an ECN PRO account with FinFX company and get a trading advantage!

Are you satisfied with your profits? Even if so, agree – it’s never too much. FBS makes you a gift and increases your earnings: get $15 per transaction!

Special offer "Spread refund" gives more profit from each closed transaction. Even if the deal was unprofitable, you will still get a spread refund. Moreover, fast and convenient withdrawal without restrictions is available.

The service is completely free! The only required action on your part is to connect your real trading account to the promotion. Increase profitability right now and do not miss the opportunity to earn even more!

For all accounts of Micro, Mini, STP or PROfit type, AccentForex gives bonus on refill – 40%. It's simple – open a new account or top up the current account and get additional opportunities.

AccentForex increases your potential profit by 40% as a gift, without requiring any commitment. You can simply trade with big lots and receive 40% more profit using the same strategy as before. All received income is yours. You can withdraw it or use for trading. By participating in the promotion, you get more money and will be able to trade more profitably.

Pepperstone changes the rules of the game in the currency market! Now spreads for the STP accounts start from 0,1 pips! If you are working actively on the near targets and make a lot of transactions, your profit will grow significantly. If you prefer a long-term strategy, even in this case a few additional pips will come in handy.

If you have expert advisors in reserve that proved not very efficient after testing, you should double-check, because the new conditions can change the behavior of the programs that have not worked before or have worked inefficiently. New rules – new opportunities!

xCFD always welcomes new customers and is ready to prove its words with deeds – 30 USD as a gift to each client for registration. Without making any transaction, you will immediately receive a profit!

Opening a trading account with xCFD, you immediately get the opportunity to trade on a real account without risking a single cent of your own funds – after you register, you immediately get all the possibilities for trading and will be able to evaluate the merits of the broker. Any income received can be withdrawn without any restrictions! Just sign up, get a bonus, and start working on the world markets!

Know how to make money trading on FOREX market, but don’t want to wait long to use your earnings? With WELTRADE dealing center, you won’t have to do that! Make out a request, the center employee checks it, and you get funds in any convenient way for you within half an hour.

WELTRADE sets a new record – you can withdraw the funds earned in just 30 minutes. Record time of processing applications is our gift to our customers. 20 ways to withdraw, a minimum fee for the transfer and record low processing time – WELTRADE values its clients!

XForex dealing center offers you transparent working conditions: no commissions and additional fees – just a fair spread. No commission and narrow spread from 3 points (for EUR/USD pair) is a great opportunity for profitable work and receiving profits from which no additional amounts will be deducted.

Now, when calculating targets, you do not have to guess about what the outcome would be, consider the commission at the opening of the deal, as well as depending on the amount – you just need to subtract the spread and you will always know the exact amount of profit. No hidden or explicit commissions on the deal – everything is transparent and fair.

Admiral Club gives its clients a unique chance: bonus points that are awarded just for the transaction made. The points awarded can at any time be converted into real prizes – from portable devices to laptops.

You can join the Admiral Club absolutely free, and it is done automatically when you register as a client of the company. Bonus points are awarded to all accounts on the results of trading, at any lot sizes! It’s up to you when to redeem a prize and which to choose! Awarded points do not depend on the profitability of the transaction – only the volume of trading matters.

Larson&Holz offers a new DJ Bonus program. You just need to work, make deals and trade in the Forex market. After having made a certain number of trading deals, you get a bonus on your deposit of up to 10% of your trading account. On holidays the company is ready to double the bonus, and it is up to 20%!

Loyalty program is automatically credited to Standard or Safe accounts, the minimum number of lots is 40. When the bonus is increased to 20%, the number of the required lots is slightly increased – by just 1%, please pay close attention to the ads on the site and receive additional revenue from Larson&Holz.

No volume limits. No replenishment term limits. No use term limits. No number of refills limits. All companies say they trust their clients, but Grand Capital demonstrates this through deeds and proposes to increase the trading account at any time by forty percent.

Bonus accrual occurs at the moment of the account refill, and bonus money stay in the account for indefinite term. Additional money provided to you by the company is an additional income that you can receive when trading with the Grand Capital dealing center. The company puts its faith in its clients and helps them gain self-confidence!

When you open a new account at Larson&Holz, you get $100 for 3 days. After this period is over or the capital doubles, the account is closed and you withdraw all the profits, which under the terms of the promotion can range from 1 to 100 US dollars.

The offer is unique not only due to one of the larger bonus for deposit-free programs, but also because the number of newly opened accounts is unlimited. You can trade and profit from deals without risking your own capital, and if you fail, you can always open a new account after 3 days. Larson&Holz allows you not only to learn how to trade, but also do it at a profit!

Prefer scalping strategies? Operate intraday? Alfa-Forex offers you a real advantage: the tightest spreads in the market: EUR/USD – from 0,7 points! Tight spreads and instant execution of orders make your work the most comfortable!

You can get more profit without changing the strategy – simply choose Alfa-Forex dealing center to open an account, and you can significantly increase profits. No additional conditions, no limit on deposits. When trading with Alfa-Forex, you just do your job more effectively.

Decided to try your hand at trading currencies in the FOREX market? You successfully trade and are looking for a new broker? Fort Financial Services invites you to open a trading account in the framework of the Welcome Bonus promotion and to receive a welcome bonus of 5 USD.

You can get acquainted with the broker's possibilities, try the quality of services on real account and see whether you can work and earn money on the world’s largest exchange. After completion of the trading turnover of 1.5 lots (150 for cent accounts), you can withdraw the bonus without limitation at any time convenient for you.

Fort Financial Services offers a unique opportunity to choose the size of the bonus for your deposit. From 10% to 50% of additional funds to your trading account of your choice. You will be able to trade more efficiently and make large profits – and it’s up to you how large it will be!

In addition, you can withdraw the bonus without any restrictions, if you make a number of transactions equal to the size of the bonus divided by 4 within three months. Profit obtained using bonus money can be withdrawn at any time without any restrictions. The bonus can be obtained repeatedly.

At each replenishment, the company’s clients can receive a “Simply More +45%” bonus. Each deposit to the account over 100 USD may be increased by 45%! Your trading deposit is your working tool, and its size determines your income. The greater the volume you trade, the better the result!

GAINSY Forex offers to improve your result by 45% even. Replenish your account, receive bonus, resize the trading lot and work on the Forex market, receiving additional profits. Bonus is valid for 3 months. GAINSY Forex offers 45% more profits for all its clients.

TurboForex makes gifts to all of its clients: each transaction, regardless of the outcome, brings you bonus points that you can convert to the balance of the deposit or spend in the broker’s store by exchanging them for real prizes.

Without time limit and without conditions on profitability – each of your deal, closed at a profit or a loss of more than 3 points, brings you 1 point for one lot. iPhone 5S costs only 650 points. Bonuses can be converted into balance after you have got 400 points – you can convert them into a credit bonus of 500 USD! TurboForex allows you to make a profit even at unprofitable transactions!

TurboForex is taking on new obligations: 100% of funds to the customers at withdrawal! Now you can be sure of getting all the funds when you withdraw from the trading account. The company compensates for all transaction costs to all customers, the compensation occurs in automatic mode.

The promotion is available for all types of accounts and has no time limit. When you trade with TurboForex, your profit is automatically increased by the amount of commission, and you will always get into your bank account the amount ordered! TurboForex is doing everything possible to improve the terms of trading and your financial result!

GAINSY Forex offers clients to replenish the ECN trading account with royal bonuses. By refilling the trading account, you can choose one of the bonuses and get extra 15 to 40 percent of the amount of refill. The bonuses received under the promotion can be used for trading in the market.

When choosing the “Royal bonuses” promotion, the company’s clients will be able to get an additional amount to the trading account for the period of one year for more successful trading in the market and increase their profits. The funds received under this promotion are available for withdrawal from the client’s trading account subject to the terms of the promotion.

Forex-Market always welcomes new clients and invites them to get up to 50% of the deposited funds. Refill your trading account for the amount of up to $6,000 and receive up to $3,000 from the company.

The bonus can be used for trading – this will increase the efficiency of trading and allow you to earn extra income without attracting your own funds. Profitability is increased by up to 50%, risk is increased by 0%! After making the required number of deals (in accordance with the terms of the promotion), the bonus is credited to the balance of your trading account and is available for withdrawal.

100% credit bonus available for transfer and withdrawal is real! You receive not just a bonus that doubles your trading capital and gives the opportunity to double profit without absolutely any risk. You also receive the opportunity to withdraw the funds, if you comply with the terms of the offer and make a certain number of trading deals, depending on the amount of the bonus.

The unique offer from HotForex enables to dramatically expand your profitability if you are trading successfully and does not limit the possibility to withdraw the funds received. The company is confident: if you are trading profitably, your loyalty is worth than any bonuses!

HotForex employs professionals who understand the inevitability of drawdown in trading and know firsthand how important it is to have more financial resources at this moment in order to, for example, wait out the sudden rally and wait for a reversal, or get the opportunity to make profitable deals by releasing the part of the deposit.

The company offers a bonus of 30% from your trading account. The bonus is designed for support and use on the trading account, but if you lose the bonus, you won’t owe anything to the company. The bonus is not only used as leverage, it is one of the ways to avoid a margin call in an emergency.

If you decided to change the broker, it’s time to pay attention to Forex-Market. When you transfer an account from another dealing center, the company will increase your deposit by 70%! You get a high quality service, a large selection of tools, reliable technical support, excellent trading conditions and additional funds to your account.

The bonus will help you greatly expand opportunities for trading and receiving profit, and after making the specified number of deals, the bonus becomes available for withdrawal. Choose the best trading conditions and generate more revenue due to the right choice!

Limited promotion for new Avatrade customers! Open a Forex trading account and get up to $10,000!

To get the bonus, you must recharge your Avatrade account for any amount. The bonus amount depends on the refill amount.

Opening an account with Avatrade will allow you to increase your turnover and potential profit with bonus money. When replenishing the deposit for up to $3,000, all new customers get a 50% bonus.

If you open a $50,000 account, your bonus will be $10,000. Take advantage of a unique opportunity: make your trading even more profitable!