Expert advisors

Expert advisors are systems that can be used as a guide and save time or trade in a fully automated mode. The section provides an overview of various expert advisors, showing their strengths and vulnerabilities. This section contains instructions on configuring the Forex expert advisor, as the settings determine the effectiveness of any automated system.

Scalping is quite popular among traders, because not everyone has the time and patience for the medium- and long-term trading. Automation of trading will allow not to be confined to the monitor and ensure automated scalping.

In comparison with the classic trading, the use of binary options allows the trader to trade more intensively and earn more, at least in theory. As is the case with conventional currency speculations, trading with the help of expert advisors is quite popular.

There is very little information on this trading robot. Meanwhile, according to the author, this bot was one of the best in the past year in terms of profitability. Let’s try to understand whether another potential Grail is worth attention.

People have always been partial to the yellow metal, and with the development of Internet trading situation has not changed. From a technical point of view, automated trading with precious metals does not differ from speculation in currency pairs.

Despite the fact that all expert advisors are free of human emotions, there are "hot heads" and very cautious algorithms that calculate every step among them. Mathematical analysis of the market allows to bring trading to a new level.

Sooner or later, a trader gets tired of trying to achieve an acceptable result with free expert advisors. In this situation, some people do not complicate their life with agony of choice and simply choose the most expensive expert advisor from those that are on sale. But whether such an approach is justified?

Not everyone will like aggressive trading, where dozens of transactions are made every day across multiple currency pairs. We can recommend Zeus expert advisor to traders who prefer a quieter style of trading.

Throughout the day, the market behaves like a living organism – in the afternoon, during the American and European session, it is "awake", but at night it "falls asleep". Naturally, this affects the movement of the price chart, and the night Forex expert advisor benefits from this feature of the foreign exchange market.

The market has always been sensitive to the vital statistics, and the impact of the news is even more pronounced during a period of instability in the world's leading economies. In such circumstances, popularity of the news expert advisors becomes quite understandable, because everyone wants to make money without much effort.

The proponents of automated trading wonder from time to time: which Forex EA is better, and whether there is a robot that can trade consistently for a long time. The answer largely depends on what criteria evaluate its performance.

There’s very little information about this trading robot online; the sellers argue that the Income expert advisor is a real godsend for lazy traders, promising mountains and marvels within a month of trading. Concern is the lack of a more or less coherent statistics, as well as the reluctance of the authors to describe the algorithm of the robot at least in general terms.

No one would argue that the main objective of the expert advisor is maximum automation of trading. But even if the robot is set to a lucrative operation, problems and failures in the algorithm may arise from hardware or software.

When searching and installing the trading robots, many traders face an unsolvable problem: the expert shows excellent results on demo accounts, but when set to a real account, it either doesn’t work at all or starts losing money.

Automated trading does not lose popularity, but the search for a stable trading robot is a rather difficult task. While you can automate almost any trading system, it is much more difficult to achieve stability of the results.

As you know, scalping strategies brings good profit but take up a lot of time and effort, so many traders began to automate these algorithms, which resulted in a separate class of trading robots.

It makes sense to use robots trading on small timeframes for automated trading, because the bot won’t miss a single deal. Glory Champion expert advisor can be called a scalper, but despite the small working timeframe, it trades consistently and profitably.

When it comes to expert advisors, most traders immediately imagine a fully automated tool that will regularly earn money without human intervention. But there is another type of robots that is used as an adjunct to manual trading.

The idea of trading at night, when the big players are absent from the market, is not new: a lot of MTS are based on it, and the Pipjet expert advisor also trades only at night. The basic idea is that at night the price often moves in a horizontal channel, and you can therefore trade on the rebound from its boundaries.

Judging by the working timeframe, a Ray Scalper expert advisor can be attributed to the usual scalpers, because deals are made on the m15. The main difference from the rivals is that higher timeframes ranging from W1 are taken into account during the analysis of the market.

PipSwinger expert advisor is classified as the robot using Martingale. On the one hand, it increases the risks and requirements to deposit, on the other – makes it possible to obtain higher returns compared to more conservative trading.