Scalping is quite popular among traders, because not everyone has the time and patience for the medium- and long-term trading. Automation of trading will allow not to be confined to the monitor and ensure automated scalping.

Scalping is also popular because it brings much lower requirements for initial deposit. While SL may well exceed 100 points when trading on the D1, it rarely exceeds 20-30 points when using scalper strategies – profit comparable in magnitude.

Scalper expert advisor from a technical point of view is no different from medium- and long-term trading robots. There are also "aggressors" and "slugs" that bet on stability among them. This article contains a short list of interesting scalpers.

Aggressive scalper expert advisor

A brilliant representative of aggressive scalpers is a Crazy Scalper bot, whose name clearly describes the style of its trading. The author has tried to do everything to make the robot take the most from the market in any situation, both in the trend and when the prices are in the horizontal channel.

As for the features of trading, it may be noted that the algorithm uses a strategy based on the accurate exit from the lock. Locking on small timeframes makes sense, because it is much harder to predict the exact price movement than in trading on, say, h1 or h4. To minimize potential losses, averaging is actively used, so the lovers of cautious trading can stop now and look for another option at this stage.

Theoretically, this scalper expert advisor can be used on any time interval, but the timeframe m15 and the popular currency pair EUR/USD were chosen for the test. Following the testing results, we would like to draw your attention to the really crazy bot activity – since the beginning of 2015, the expert advisor managed to conclude 4,041 deals, and as of the end of the test period, it was even in the black.

The main disadvantage is a large drawdown, but it is not the lack of this particular EA, but rather a common defect of the algorithms using Martingale, averaging and other unsafe methods of money management. As for the rest, this is quite a good robot to tickle your nerves and possibly earn some money.

Magic trading with Magic Scalper

Judging by the name, the author tried to create a scalper expert advisor for all occasions. The first time the traders learned about it 5 years ago, in 2010, and it gained the fame of a usual wait-out, dozens of which are freely available on the net. However, the freely available author's version now can’t be found, and therefore you can only judge its effectiveness according to the author.

Now, however, the author has tried to revive his creation, and currently an updated version of the bot is on sale. The features of the robot include the use of averaging, but this is realized quite competently. Thanks to this, it can wait out the trend moves up to 1,000 points without rollbacks, and the size of the minimum deposit shall be $100 for cent accounts.

The EA is not freely accessible, so its effectiveness can only be judged based on the results of monitoring and tests by the author. Tests are probably not worth too much trust – too fabulous result is presented, but the monitoring is worth paying attention. It can be seen that profitability from January to mid-March was more than 300%.

Bestscalper expert advisor: claim to leadership

Scalper expert advisor with the prefix Best should show impressive results by definition. The author claims that his product is one of the best options for trading in general and is able to provide a steady income over the long run.

However, in reality, the picture was somewhat different. Until October of last year, the trading was conducted with a weak, but still a success, but from the beginning of the current year it was a failure. As a result, for the period from February last year, profit was only 26%.

A very specific operation of the EA is also noteworthy. It can be seen that the profit per trade varies between 2-5 points, and more or less acceptable profit is provided by a large working lot, it teeters on the brink between scalping and pipsing. Therefore, even a small movement in the losing side eats the lion's share of profits.

Forexer expert advisor: champion retires

Perhaps, all scalpers knew about this bot 6-7 years ago. It was good both in real trading and in testing. As for the tests, the initial deposit by the end of the test just grew to obscene proportions. Trading was conducted on the classic timeframe for scalping – m15, the currency pair was EUR/USD.

Unfortunately, time did not spare the champion. Testing the same one basic version of 2009 makes it clear that the algorithm stopped operating stably. Though it didn’t siphon-off, but the deposit became much thinner, so this scalper expert advisor should not be seriously considered, unless you experiment with the settings.


Scalping will probably never lose attraction for traders. Accordingly, scalping expert advisors are simply doomed to evolution. At the moment, the choice of the trader is large enough; the article presents only a few fairly well known robots.

It should be noted that many bots openly speculate on the emotions of traders, although this is a common problem of all expert advisors, not just scalpers. So the choice should be approached with a cool head and focus only on the results of testing the robot in the real world – don’t trust the promises of vendors.

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