Expert advisors

Expert advisors are systems that can be used as a guide and save time or trade in a fully automated mode. The section provides an overview of various expert advisors, showing their strengths and vulnerabilities. This section contains instructions on configuring the Forex expert advisor, as the settings determine the effectiveness of any automated system.

Participants Forex market can be divided into two categories, traders and trading robots (Expert Advisors). If the trader himself is analyzing the market, decide on entering the position, calculates the risk and potential profit, the adviser has the same function, but without the participation of the person to a predetermined algorithm.

But how does he do it? How does forex advisor? Many market participants do not even think about this question. In fact, understanding the functioning advisor is an important part of understanding the overall market. At the end of 2012, the agency published a Bloomberg survey data exchange trading, and so on robots share more than 60 % of all transactions. For beginners and questions about whether you can trust the real money trading advisor? After all, more and more in the direction of advisors see a lot of negative criticism.

With the increasing interest in the forex advisors, both automatic and mechanical increasing need adopts the correct setting forex advisor. It's no secret that even the most profitable and safe counselor wrong with the given parameters and settings not only bring you profits but also entails losses. It also happens that the EA is trading in the negative, but when you migrate, you can adjust some values to achieve a positive final result.

Therefore, this article will be devoted to how to configure advisers, in what cases it's necessary to do it and when not to, as well, of course, describe the process of installing adviser and run it in the MetaTrader 4 platform.

Forex Trading requires specific knowledge and skills, and experience. What do you do the novice trader? Through trial and error to lose their money in the market? Of course, there is a less expensive way to start a profitable trade - is the use of automatic adviser.

Automated forex advisor or the English version of Expert Advisor is a computer program that is designed for automated trading in the foreign exchange market.

With the development of the foreign exchange market (Forex) investors and traders need better, stable and profitable robots, strategy advisors. In this article, we will discuss forex paid advisers. Free advisers have nobody will be surprised, trader likely will not even see, because we all know that the free cheese is only in a mousetrap. It,s therefore not surprising that paid advisers forex begin to occupy a substantial share of the market. Free advisers are struggling to compete with pay, because you can even buy a counselor for 100 dollars. Is this good or bad? - We'll investigate.

Frankly, for 100 dollars hoping for profitable EA is not likely you hit one of the free advisers disguised as a fee, of course result - empty deposit. There are followers and what to buy Advisor generates revenue over the year - all unrealistic, first get information about it,s extremely difficult, and in the second price tag is more than 4 zeros. Unfortunately, there is some truth, after all the success in the market are making only 5 % of traders. But all is not lost, there are paid advisors forex can be profitable, and they are. Just give the money and profit will not work.

While trading with the trend and you will be happy - give this advice, many traders beginners. And they are right, because the trend trading is not only a profitable strategy, but also carries a reduced risk compared with other styles of trading. Large investors and investment funds open their transactions, focusing on the overall movement of the market - a trend. Therefore, we are not surprised that nearly half of all automated systems, this trend forex advisors. The popularity of such advisers is easily explained - a good profit, low risk, easy to use and configure.

Recently, interest in the scalping market goes up, you can tell by the appearance of new advisers, video trainings and courses devoted to scalping. Just what is scalping you can read articles scalping strategy. The area of high-frequency trading and all of the lucrative scalping. In this article, we will focus on scalping advisers as they are, whether they are necessary and what to look for when you select it.

At first glance it may seem that a simple scalping strategy, but from a practical point of view, is one of the most complicated. One of the main factors leading use of scalping is a tough discipline and a lack of emotion, as trader needs to constantly monitor and analyze market information. Trader - scalper opens a few dozen items a day, so the focus and attention should be at the maximum level.

Advisors and forex robots on the market abound, from the descriptions of all of them, regardless of the strategy and trading methods are either extremely profitable or extremely profitable. Believe it or not? Each person mentally asking yourself - why give away for free something that brings money, income, profits? The question is rhetorical. Free advisers and trading strategies available in the public domain, in the end bring only losses, otherwise it can not be, then it would have all been rich, and for free. Sooner or later, the trader understands that benefit from something free, requiring no knowledge is unrealistic and then there is quite a logical idea - try to buy a forex advisor.

Anyone coming for the first time on the foreign exchange market, is facing a huge amount of information. A variety of methods of trade, markets, brokers systems - from all that head spin. Engage in speculation in the FOREX market can not only through self-fulfillment operations.

An alternative to the active trading there may be trust - this type of service, which involves the transfer of funds to the management of a particular trader or fund. Another type of passive investing can be the use of automatic trading systems (the so-called expert advisors). In the popular trading platform Metatrader they are called experts.

One of the most common questions asked by novice fighters currency front, is - "how to set the advisor for automated trading?". A standard set of trading platform Metatrader 4 councilors rarely meets the needs of traders to automate the trading process. For this reason, there is a constant need to import the necessary experts (Expert-called automatic algorithm in MT4).

Online, there are many sources where you can select an algorithm that meets the specified criteria. This article will talk about how to install Advisor, downloaded from a third-party resource or written manually. Typically, trading algorithm is presented in the form of a certain batch of files, which includes the file directly with the code advisor, as well as all kinds of libraries, templates, starting configurations and indicators used in the operation of the automated system.

Today we review another one of the members of the "paid" automated systems (robots forex) - Advisor Trend Raptor. The authors feel free to inquire anoint advisor highly profitable, that in fact is not much doubt, and without risky, a word on the financial markets at least raises the suspicion and skepticism. The site advisor says the following:

Traders Our company believes that this EA is one of the best counselors available today to automate Forex trading.

Then offer to take a few minutes of your time to get acquainted with the real monitoring, test results and read the description of the forex advisor Trend Raptor. Let's take it and do some, we estimate adviser Trend Raptor.

When there is a need to automate the trading process, it immediately raises the question - how to trade advisers resort. If the trader does not have enough experience and knowledge in the field of programming in a special language MQL4, then out for him will be to use already written advisers. It can be embedded in the terminal algorithms or taken on the side, but tried and true system.

Before you grasp at everything or throw in search of a suitable robot trader needs to spend some analytical work. Required to determine the approximate permissible parameters of profitability, risk, maximum drawdown, the frequency of operations, etc. World trade advisers has become so diverse in recent years that an inexperienced trader can just get lost in it and lost. But do not despair.

As you may have guessed, the theme of this article is forex advisor Unimillion. Advisor Unimillion is very popular among traders, it's based on principles similar to those advisors as ILAN and STELZ, namely the average position and the use of the martingale. Many traders have a negative attitude to robots working on the principle of the Martingale, but both from a theoretical and a practical point of view, this system is almost break-even. Advisor yunimillion has no specific developer or author, counselor has many versions, and is being constantly improved or optimized "popular" traders.

Every trading system has a mechanism for transactions in the foreign exchange market. First of all, any algorithm of opening positions depends on the logic of the trading strategy. If the system is focused on the work of the signals of volatility breakout or moving averages, it's usually open positions in the market, that is, the current market quotations provided by the dealer. And here, for example, the algorithms designed for testing of significant levels of support and resistance, often use pending orders.

Accordingly, Counsel, which offers deals on this principle is called - Advisor pending orders. In the trading system subject to certain conditions, as a result of which the adviser will place the application itself to purchase or sell. Before we consider as an example of a couple of these advisors focus on the standard classification of pending orders.

Continuing to get acquainted with the popular trading advisors to work in the foreign exchange market, in this article we shall consider such a sensational and distributed algorithm, as an advisor to Auto-Profit. This trading robot is one of the projects udavshihsya Invest-System - a company specializing in the development of automated trading systems.

Trade Advisor Auto-Profit 3.0 - this is the last updated version of the program. In this embodiment, the problem Allowed many previous versions. Some traders believe that the Auto-Profit 3.0 - this is one of the best contemporary advisers. Proven time and thousands of people for a long time it has established itself as a reliable tool for the job market in different time frames.

Financial instruments used by traders in the markets, there are different kinds. Traditional are directed operations on the spot market. This is when the bidders to buy and sell certain assets (stocks, bonds, currencies) in order to sell them more expensive and make a profit equal to the exchange rate difference. This is the easiest approach to investment and speculation.

There are so-called derivative instruments or derivatives (derivatives). These include futures, options, forwards, credit, interest rate and currency swaps. By using derivative financial instruments, the trader may have different objectives. In general, derivatives allow the most flexible use of monetary resources by constructing complex positions, calculated not on the two outcomes, both in simple directed strategies, and on the whole tree of possible scenarios.

Some of the articles in this section mentioned several times that the trading advisors in Metatrader can be based on the use of indicators. And most of those algorithms that have spread among traders and managers are just the indicator. Adviser on the indicator - is an automated trading system, whose operation is based on the signals of one or more indicators. In this article we look advisor MACD Sample.

Many traders and developers call it, almost the most primitive trading algorithm. The performance of the adviser is directly dependent on its optimization for a specific instrument. MACD Sample - it's adviser on the indicator, which is included in the standard installation package terminal Metatrader. It's believed that such advisers were originally created for on the basis of their structure that users can learn the principles of programming trading.

It's no secret that the operating result of trade - is a function of position size. That is the amount of open contracts determines the scale of fluctuations in the trading account, and therefore the risks. This issue is a science, as a capital management (Money Management). Like any discipline, the science of money management has several lines, each of which has its supporters and critics.

Among others there are two fundamental concepts. This is a money management method martingale and anti-martingale. Martingale system is known from the eighteenth century. At the time, it appeared as bid management tactics in gambling, and in our time has been widely adopted as one of the high-risk systems management. Advisor Martingale - a generic name for automated trading systems in the market FOREX, money management which is based on the method of martingale.

Methods of trading in the foreign exchange market is constantly developing and evolving. In our time, the trader is not necessary to constantly monitor the trading process. These charges are increasingly delegated to the so-called trading advisors. One of the most popular programs for trading on the FOREX market is an information and trading system Metatrader. This terminal supports different types of automated trading.

Advisor for Metatrader - it's a special program that is created by trader and is designed for transactions on a particular algorithm. Metatrader contains a set of standard trading advisors, but, as a rule, traders prefer to program their own systems and to adapt them to specific tools. Thus, the advisor for Metatrader is a trading robot that acts on behalf of a trader.

Site advisor:

Advisor Joker EA is a trend scalper. Trading on a five-minute charts, thus attributing adviser Joker EA in section short. Trading System Advisor is designed so that the open transactions on a pullback in the direction of the main trend. Hour trading in the five-minute chart makes high-advisor, that is performed a large number of transactions, with positive transactions in the order of magnitude greater, respectively, as a result of trade is profitable. Transactions are only opened for the currency pair EUR/USD.

This article will talk about another popular EA called Stelz.

Advisor Stelz uses to trade well-known Martingale system. The system itself has both positive and negative reviews, but under certain conditions, to doubt its profitability is not necessary. Advisor traders like to first of all because of the small number of adjustable parameters, they, in turn, is quite clear, in general, do not have to fiddle with the settings a lot of time and the method of trade also defies simple description - Martingale, without any complicated features or additional "defensive" action. At its core, a simple advisor, trading strategy devised a long time ago, but, nevertheless, remain relevant to this day.