As you may have guessed, the theme of this article is forex advisor Unimillion. Advisor Unimillion is very popular among traders, it's based on principles similar to those advisors as ILAN and STELZ, namely the average position and the use of the martingale. Many traders have a negative attitude to robots working on the principle of the Martingale, but both from a theoretical and a practical point of view, this system is almost break-even. Advisor yunimillion has no specific developer or author, counselor has many versions, and is being constantly improved or optimized "popular" traders.

It's widespread, the number of tests and monitors drew the attention of traders on advisor Unimillion. Traders began to add new ideas, filters and money management strategy, which to some extent helps to balance the risks of using the averaging principle and the position of the martingale, which is based on the work of the Expert Advisor. In this paper, we consider the classical version of the advisor, with no extra bells and whistles, which we believe complicate his perception. The advantage of the strategy is the fact that its implementation does not need any high requirements for DC. Swaps, requotes, spreads all these factors in a very small degree of influence on the profitability of the Adviser Unimillion. Advisor Unimillion designed to trade on the timeframes M30-H1, which allows not to worry too much about the obstacles posed by dealing centers. Given that the counselor uses the principle of the Martingale, are encouraged to work a minimum lot, or use a cent account.

Tests of the robot shows that the adviser unimillion always beats losing trades with sufficient capital and compliance with the rules relating to the use of the minimum lot. The main risk when using advisor, working on the principle of the Martingale, is that there is no guarantee that the co-movement of the market against which the adviser opens a lot increase, will not continue long enough to bring the score to zero. Unimillion adviser can work with any currency pair, but, of course, is to choose fairly volatile, are actively traded pair that makes big moves and often changes the phase (trend Flete). In our opinion, that description fit pair - EUR/USD and GBP/USD.

As for the return then, of course, it's not fine. Think about it, the minimum lot, the use of a cent account all factors of trade should reduce your potential risk, and increase the endurance of your deposit. For some, this may sound crazy, but if you do not chase the big Kush, and comply with all recommendations for an adviser, then it can be attributed to a conservative group of instruments. For example, opening a cent from 100 dollars (10 000 cents), then to merge the deposit when the item 0.01 is necessary that the pair was more than 800 points without a single correction (we are the same for profit enough to roll back only some 50 - 100 points). Open the graphics and try to find such a motion. The other side of the coin is that the adviser can keep the transaction open for a few weeks, it happens sometimes that the monthly price was moving in a range, and from the advisor was not simple exit points. Often it is a factor for a long time/small traders make profits go to the high risk and therefore usually deposit quickly disappears.

So, let's take the main points concerning the adviser Unimillion:

  1. Use a minimum lot - 0.01.
  2. Use cent accounts to increase security deposit from exhaustion.
  3. Apply to the basic active currency pairs.
  4. Ensure continuity of trade.
  5. Don't wait for high profits at low (practically absent) the level of risk.

In conclusion, we note that the adviser Unimillion suitable for portfolio diversification, guaranteeing a profit, in the long term. Active traders should get better advisers such party, as increased risks and aggressive trading in this case lead to the inevitable loss of deposit.

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