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Advisor Joker EA is a trend scalper. Trading on a five-minute charts, thus attributing adviser Joker EA in section short. Trading System Advisor is designed so that the open transactions on a pullback in the direction of the main trend. Hour trading in the five-minute chart makes high-advisor, that is performed a large number of transactions, with positive transactions in the order of magnitude greater, respectively, as a result of trade is profitable. Transactions are only opened for the currency pair EUR/USD.

Advisor Joker EA finally assembled at the end of December 2012 and tested on stories for many years. Advisor shows excellent trading results and a high degree of safety even in the "aggressive" settings - drawdowns are small and sparse, and the commercial counselor quickly coming out of them.

Counselor because traders like to clear system of limitation of damages, unprofitable trades are closed by the set stop-loss, the EA Joker EA is not used tactic averaging or martigeyla that basically is a plus.

There is a monitor on real account, began with the January 3, 2013. There are two types of trade:

Aggressive - for those who are willing to take risks for the sake of higher profits.

Conservative - for supporters of safe and secure trade.

Often counselors have shown good results on demo accounts and real accounts on there are faults, improper opening of the transaction or pass the time. The reason for this may be that in real life, some brokers do not support high-quality data and have a great time of order execution. Not to mention the fact that sometimes the connection to the server at all is lost.

Developers, if you believe them, managed to overcome these problems by trading only when the formation of a new candle. When a new candle is built, the robot decides whether the market conditions early trade. If so, then the signal is sent to the server broker. Even if the server has a processing delay, a few minutes is enough to warrant has been accepted. Therefore, the trader asked to choose one of the "recommended" brokers, where the developers have the conditions for the successful use of EA Joker EA.

As in most scalpers, work counselor Joker EA depends on the quality of execution of transactions and the size of the spread broker. It is strongly recommended that you install and test the Joker EA adviser on accounts such "ecn.mt4".

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