Anyone coming for the first time on the foreign exchange market, is facing a huge amount of information. A variety of methods of trade, markets, brokers systems - from all that head spin. Engage in speculation in the FOREX market can not only through self-fulfillment operations.

An alternative to the active trading there may be trust - this type of service, which involves the transfer of funds to the management of a particular trader or fund. Another type of passive investing can be the use of automatic trading systems (the so-called expert advisors). In the popular trading platform Metatrader they are called experts.

Advisor robot takes care of all functions to ensure the sales process. From the trader in this case, only supervise the work of the expert and periodically, as necessary, to make changes to system settings. Advisor robot - a special program written in the programming language MQL, which operates within the specified algorithm. Thus, the trader does not need to keep a track suitable for the transactions market conditions.

Pros and cons of trading with the help of advisor robot.

The use of an automated trading system has both pros cons. The positive aspects include the following:

  • Save time. The trader need not always be present to monitor as advisor robot performs all operations independently.
  • The human factor. There are a number of risks that are associated with the human factor. In contrast to the robot, sometimes people tend to make mistakes and to act in the heat of passion. A series of losing trades can undermine confidence in the result of human action and the so-called cycle of tilt, while in which the trader can chop wood.
  • Ability to broad diversification. Performing operations on their own, the trader does not control the variety of tools at the same time or to conduct commerce across multiple trading strategies. But monitor the work of the portfolio of trading robots may well. This allows you to distribute the market risks associated with different strategies and tools with varying degrees of correlation.

The negative points are usually included:

  • Lack of flexibility. On the market there are times when it becomes obvious the current inefficiency of a trading method. Self manual trading does not carry the risk of falling into the trap of flexibility.
  • Technical risk. This risk is represented by the probability of default of orders in volatile periods of market dynamics. Advisor robot can not close (or open) a warrant in the event that the spreads will be very broad.
  • The "black box". So we call trading system, the logic of which is not well understood or studied. Naturally, when using any trading strategy, regardless of the manner of its introduction in the process is to read and examine the logic method. If the same principles of operation of the robot experts are not clear, then the trader can expect unpleasant surprises.

In summary, I would like to add that the advisor robot - it's a good tool in the hands of the thinking trader. It's not necessary to favor one type of trading (automatic or manual). You can always find an optimal balance between the methods of trading. Perform some work on their own, and some delegated to the robot.

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