While trading with the trend and you will be happy - give this advice, many traders beginners. And they are right, because the trend trading is not only a profitable strategy, but also carries a reduced risk compared with other styles of trading. Large investors and investment funds open their transactions, focusing on the overall movement of the market - a trend. Therefore, we are not surprised that nearly half of all automated systems, this trend forex advisors. The popularity of such advisers is easily explained - a good profit, low risk, easy to use and configure.

Trend Advisors Forex trading systems are very simple, but that does not mean they are losing or bring low income. Simplicity is that one can determine the trend in many ways. Experienced trader does not even require special indicators on the eye it can tell where the market is moving. With the use of indicators and charts make it even easier. Therefore the trend forex advisors typically use one or two indicators, the first to determine the trend, the second for the entry and exit points. Automate the process of opening transactions on the basis of indicators is not so difficult, so the network can find a lot of advisers trading with the trend, the forums are conducted continuously discussing the most profitable and stable robots. We recommend using only those advisors forex trend that is built on indicators familiar to you. This may be a moving average, oscillators such as Stochastics and the RSI, trend indicators - ADX, Bollinger.

Pitfall when using advisers selling the trend is that most of the time the market is moving sideways, then there is no trend. Accordingly, the advisor should be able to determine the phase in which there is a market, whether it is up, down or sideways, and act on the basis of the information received.

Not to test each counselor, who is on the description of trend, we let a few items that will help weed out the obviously unprofitable or questionable strategy.

  1. Using the Martingale system. The trend advisor should clearly define the direction of the market, rather than playing roulette.
  2. In order not to lose a lot in the beginning, use a demo account if you decide to use an adviser on a real account, specify in its parameters the minimum allowable lot.
  3. Trends are formed days or even weeks. Give preference to long-term adviser to the calculated investment. Ideally, the trend forex advisors are using daily charts, advisors, trading intraday better get round.
  4. Watch for your transactions. On the market there are constantly force majeure, so do not forget to limit losses.

Unfortunately, many advisors in the network are the intraday. But the trend is by its very nature is a stable long-term trend of increasing or decreasing prices. Intraday advisers are subject to additional risks, even if there is the presence of micro- trend, eventually the market will move under the influence of a stronger, more global trend.

Trend counselor can be a great tool for generating income, is only rationally assess its capabilities, they are designed for long-term investing, take your time and they will bring a decent profit with minimum risk. Associated trend you!

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