When there is a need to automate the trading process, it immediately raises the question - how to trade advisers resort. If the trader does not have enough experience and knowledge in the field of programming in a special language MQL4, then out for him will be to use already written advisers. It can be embedded in the terminal algorithms or taken on the side, but tried and true system.

Before you grasp at everything or throw in search of a suitable robot trader needs to spend some analytical work. Required to determine the approximate permissible parameters of profitability, risk, maximum drawdown, the frequency of operations, etc. World trade advisers has become so diverse in recent years that an inexperienced trader can just get lost in it and lost. But do not despair.

To solve these problems with a choice of automated systems and there is a so-called advisors forex rating. That's what the name of the evaluation system of robots, by which to compare the trading advisors on certain parameters. Due to the fact that they themselves trading algorithms differ in principle, by the logic of capital and management systems, rating advisors forex can also be focused only on a particular type of trading systems.

For example, you can find ratings of trading robots working on the Martingale system, or a rating of robots, the principle of which is based on adherence to current trends. For those who are not in a hurry to invest in any automated system, there are various rankings of free trade advisers.

Trust, but verify.

Any broker, dealing center and analytical resource, they can place their advisors forex rating on their own sites on the Internet. Evaluation of trading systems can be made, both by a vote of visitors to the site, and the test method yields real-time update the display of the results. An example of the second embodiment is a top advisors forex online magazine Forex Magazine.

But despite the existence of specific ratings, the main criterion is profitability. This is especially true beginners. This is because the vast majority of people who come to the market recently, have not gone deep into the study of trade and crave fast food and high-income countries.

Given all this, the newly arrived soldiers currency front is highly recommended very selective to sources rankings trading systems. Only at the last the test of time resources can meet the qualitative surveys and credible rating forex advisors.

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