Continuing to get acquainted with the popular trading advisors to work in the foreign exchange market, in this article we shall consider such a sensational and distributed algorithm, as an advisor to Auto-Profit. This trading robot is one of the projects udavshihsya Invest-System - a company specializing in the development of automated trading systems.

Trade Advisor Auto-Profit 3.0 - this is the last updated version of the program. In this embodiment, the problem Allowed many previous versions. Some traders believe that the Auto-Profit 3.0 - this is one of the best contemporary advisers. Proven time and thousands of people for a long time it has established itself as a reliable tool for the job market in different time frames.

Advisor Auto-Profit fully automatic and works with almost all available tools MetaTrader (exchange, CFD, metals). Using this algorithm trading, the trader can earn from 10 % to 100 % profit per month, depending on the risk parameters and other settings.

To install the advisor will need to download the distribution archive, extract the files and follow the enclosed instructions. As a rule, after the files are extracted from the archive, open the folder and copy the file directly adviser to the directory «Experts» program MetaTrader (C:\Program Files\MetaTrader\experts).

Further, according to the instructions to copy the files in the SET-catalog "Presets". All these operations must be carried off by the trading terminal. Otherwise, require an additional restart MT. After launching a new terminal adviser Autoprofi appears in the Navigator. Now you just go to the Menu - Tools - Options - Expert Advisors, set flags in a certain way, and opening schedule of interest tool, snap adviser. A window will appear "Input parameters" on which you need to click "Download". After that, open the folder "Presets", containing the possible configurations of the standard trading parameters. After selecting the appropriate file, click "Open" button.

Now trading robot will work on our chosen a particular scheme. Allows manual adjustment of the new settings by the user to optimize for a particular financial instrument.

Brief description of the settings advisor and trade logic.

The figure shows one of the configurations of expert inputs. Conventionally, all variables can be classified into five types:

  1. The parameters that determine the amount of positions (MMType, LotMultiplicator, Lots).
  2. The parameters of price levels (TakeProfit, Step).
  3. A special subgroup of protection settings (Max Trades, UseEquityStop).
  4. Parameters associated with the identification of warrants (Magic).
  5. Additional parameters adjustment which does not affect the logic of the trade (ShowTableOnTesting).

Experiment with the settings advisor recommended in the absence of open positions.

Advisor Autoprofi working on a fairly uncomplicated principle:

  1. The first thing the robot compares the closing prices of the last two bars. Then compare them to the price at the moment. In that case, if the closing price of the first bar above the closing price of the second (last) bar, and if the price of the instrument at the moment than the closing level of the second bar, the system generates a sell signal. To purchase the principle is the same, only in reverse.
  2. After the counselor to determine the direction of the transaction is placed trading order (order), the dimensions of which are set in the input parameters.
  3. The next step is to install TakeProfit.
  4. If the price moves in a favorable direction and reaches the take profit order, the transaction is closed, the position is liquidated, and the robot goes back to the first point of the algorithm.
  5. If the price moves in an unfavorable direction, it opens the adviser position again in the same direction and with the same size item, as in the first order.
  6. Then the conversion of the total take-profit.
  7. If the price is set and eventually going in the right direction, the deal closed on take-profit and the robot returns to the first step.
  8. But if the price continues to move against the position, the counselor takes a position in the same direction. The size of the gap depends on several parameters:
  • With the included Martingale - lot size will be increased again LotMultiplicator;
  • With Martingale off - lot size shall be as specified in the parameter Lots.

     9. As a result, the modification was open orders and determination of total TakeProfit.

Of the last cycle is repeated until three steps until the total amount of orders can not be equal to the value MaxTrades. If the maximum number dostigunto, the robot is passive and waits for closing the position at take-profit.

To work on the dollar bill creators adviser Autoprofi recommend starting with a minimum deposit of 1000 dollars.

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