Financial instruments used by traders in the markets, there are different kinds. Traditional are directed operations on the spot market. This is when the bidders to buy and sell certain assets (stocks, bonds, currencies) in order to sell them more expensive and make a profit equal to the exchange rate difference. This is the easiest approach to investment and speculation.

There are so-called derivative instruments or derivatives (derivatives). These include futures, options, forwards, credit, interest rate and currency swaps. By using derivative financial instruments, the trader may have different objectives. In general, derivatives allow the most flexible use of monetary resources by constructing complex positions, calculated not on the two outcomes, both in simple directed strategies, and on the whole tree of possible scenarios.

Advisor fishka bet - this robot trading FOREX, performs operations with binary options. In order to understand how it works, you need to begin to understand the principle of option transactions. Option - this is an urgent contract, which is the right to buy (call - call option) or sell (put - option) a particular asset at a fixed price in the future. Binary option - this option, the expected return on which is most often a fixed quantity. Without going into technical details, it can be said that the crux of binary option is that in the case of certain prize winner takes profit and loss in the case of not receiving anything.

Thus, the binary option - it's a kind of wager between the buyer and seller, based on the future change quotes. Maximum risk - is the amount spent on the purchase of the option. Often a trader plays against the dealer, but may withdraw its application for a specialized area. Trading binary options is similar to the rate, so trading these options are sometimes called financial betting (from the English bet - bet). Advisor fishka bet works through Metatrader, and takes on the responsibility for assessing the current situation and the choice of options for bargains.

Description of the EA.

The financial betting with binary options - is it possible to significantly reduce the number of risks. Advisor fishka bet is an assistant trader in choosing options. Suppose that the trader expects improvement quotes EUR/USD from the current level for an hour. That is, after 60 minutes, a couple will trade above this level.

To capitalize on this, you must purchase a binary option. The main condition here is the excess of the current quote at least one point after one hour. In this case, the trader makes a profit in the amount of 80 % to 95 % of the investment (it depends on the coefficient of the dealer). Risk is the amount spent on the purchase of the option.

The time period can be chosen either from a few minutes to several days. Also noteworthy is the fact that some of bettingovye allow early closure option position under certain conditions. Being a half-automatic trading robot, the adviser fishka bet generates signals in the form of finished orders. Trader should only manually opened to confirm the application.

Trading binary options allows for the most accurate planning of future profits and losses. This greatly simplifies all processes associated with risk management when trading in FOREX. The potential return from trading binary options is significantly higher than the return from the placement of equivalent amounts to buy or sell currency pairs in the spot market with leverage.

Before you integrate adviser fishka bet on a real account, you should carefully understand the basics of financial betting, learn money management system, to carry out testing algorithm for the minimum amount. Only after that should be added to his arsenal this trading system.

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