Some of the articles in this section mentioned several times that the trading advisors in Metatrader can be based on the use of indicators. And most of those algorithms that have spread among traders and managers are just the indicator. Adviser on the indicator - is an automated trading system, whose operation is based on the signals of one or more indicators. In this article we look advisor MACD Sample.

Many traders and developers call it, almost the most primitive trading algorithm. The performance of the adviser is directly dependent on its optimization for a specific instrument. MACD Sample - it's adviser on the indicator, which is included in the standard installation package terminal Metatrader. It's believed that such advisers were originally created for on the basis of their structure that users can learn the principles of programming trading.

But, despite the simplicity of the algorithm, under certain conditions, it is able to show a profit. This can be achieved by adjusting the adviser. After testing the trading system as standard on USD/JPY, have been obtained are not very impressive results. This test was used during the H4. The graph below shows the results of the EA for the last two years. Initial deposit was set at 10.000 dollars. The naked eye can see that the adviser on the indicator MACD Sample in this case rapidly drain the deposit. Of course, the sample of 2 years at an interval may not be very representative.

The principle of the EA.

Adviser on the indicator MACD Sample works as follows. To purchase, you need to fulfill some conditions. Namely, the MACD histogram to cross the signal line from the bottom up. It is also necessary that the histogram at this point was in the negative area. An additional condition for opening a long position is also an upward trend average MA Trend Period. Plus, the histogram value to be (in absolute value) than the product of the current value MACD Open Level and Current resolution item pair. Conditions for the short position - symmetrical. Closing of positions is the trailing stop.

The graph shows the equity curve obtained when testing the system with the default settings, using the advisor must adapt its parameters under the tactical features of each tool, adjusted for volatility, dynamics, and the like. Play with the settings MACD Sample can be in the advisor in the tab - "Inputs" (picture).

The procedure for adapting automated trading system for a specific currency pair might look like this: Select the tool, the analysis of common characteristics, alignment parameters adviser on historical data to find the optimal proportions. Adviser on the indicator MACD Sample, as the object of a certain study could be a starting point to explore, create and optimize a complex and efficient systems.

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