Expert advisors

Expert advisors are systems that can be used as a guide and save time or trade in a fully automated mode. The section provides an overview of various expert advisors, showing their strengths and vulnerabilities. This section contains instructions on configuring the Forex expert advisor, as the settings determine the effectiveness of any automated system.


The remarks are quite common among the traders about the fact that the same EA shows completely different results when trading on demo and real accounts. In such situations, the traders offer different suggestions, ranging from DC conspiracy to tricky algorithm of the expert advisor which was initially programmed to siphon a real account.

Expert advisor for demo account uses quotes provided by the DC. The same DC provides quotes for a trader’s real account, and there can’t be fundamental differences between them (only minor ones). Therefore, it would be wrong to itemize expert advisor for demo account separately.

Boomerang trading strategy, on which a trading robot was later based, provides using only one indicator – the moving average with a period of 18 (built on the closing prices). Martingale principle is also used in trading.

The authors claim that the Boomerang EA provides monthly deposit growth by 20-30%. Annual profit is supposed to be about 300%, and can be increased up to 350% if you allow an advisor to increase the working lot along with deposit growth. The developers recommend sticking to GBP/USD, GBP/JPY, EUR/USD currency pairs (timeframes 1H and 4H). Trading with other pairs, in their words, is also profitable, but the results are not stable.


Forex Enforcer EA enters the market in the trend direction (working timeframe is h1), based solely on the indicators values. The algorithm doesn’t use Martingale principle, as the team of developers opted for stable trading and security of the deposit. The EA uses the values of two moving averages with periods of 21 and 70 accordingly and the Awesome Oscillator indicator with default settings.

However, the most interesting part is how the EA carries out risk management and trading itself. The algorithm is bases on MM, allowing it to resize the working lot depending on the market situation. The main drawback of most trend advisors is that they allow you to take only a part of the emerging trend movement. In some cases, a new trend may be quite strong and the trader won’t receive part of the profits.

Perhaps, any trader has considered trading in automatic mode. This approach allows to save a lot of time while the robot is not subject to emotions and in any situation can operate only within the frames of its built-in algorithm.

All traders can be divided into 3 categories:

  • those who believe in the viability of the lucrative trading with the help of expert advisors;
  • ardent opponents of automatic trading;
  • those who take a neutral stance on the issue.


No EA is able to trade for a long time without human intervention. The market lives by its own laws and sooner or later the algorithm it is built on will cease to trade profitably. To avoid this, the EA should be constantly monitored and tested, and its parameters should be optimized on the basis of the results received.

Testing of the EA is performed using the built-in strategy tester and won’t cause any difficulty even to the beginners. However, many people make common mistakes when testing expert advisers, which affect the final result. The mistakes are:

The euro/dollar pair is the most popular and liquid in the foreign exchange market since the establishment of the euro zone – of course, a lot of technical solutions and trading robots are created specifically for its characteristics. So, this article will review an interesting EA for EUR/USD called Euro Blaster.

Before we consider the robot settings, let us answer the question of why the Common European Currency was chosen. First of all, the average daily volatility over the past year against the dollar was 0.58% or 80 pips – this is the average, a “golden mean”, which allows to earn and at the same time reduces the chance of false signals.

BestForexTrader EA is known for its stability. The author emphasizes that when developing the strategy, he decided to give preference to high survival rate, despite the fact that it is somewhat reduced the profitability of the EA. Another advantage of it is a small minimum deposit required and the fact that the algorithm doesn’t use the Martingale principle.

The EA was created in late 2009 and has no restrictions on the currency pair. However, the author does not recommend using it on the pairs with high volatility – for example, GBP/JPY or EUR/JPY. Initially, the EA could not make deals without human intervention, but rather simply signaled about the possibility of entering the market. Since the trade is conducted on a time interval h1-h4, the market situation had to be monitored 3-4 times a day.


Using an expert advisor allows to fully automate trading and eliminate such human failings as emotions, fatigue, or bias when analyzing the situation. The only problem today is to choose a suitable EA from a variety of existing advisors.

All Forex advisors can be divided into the following types:

  1. Hedging advisors: they open 2 positions in the opposite directions, and once the market situation has cleared up, the losing deal closes, while the profitable one is increased by pullbacks.
  2. News advisors: they are subspecies to hedging and are efficient before the release of important news. In that moment, the price often "freezes" in a narrow corridor, but after the release of the news it makes a leap in mere seconds.
  3. Advisors using a set of indicators to analyze the market situation.
  4. Scalping advisers. Indicators are also used, but trading is conducted at small time intervals (usually in the m1 – m15 range).

An ideal trading style is the one based solely on rational analysis of the situation on the market, free of emotions and time constraints. Manual trading, though allows you to quickly respond to the most unexpected changes on the foreign exchange market, still has its disadvantages, because the possibilities of the human body are exhaustible.

The way out of this situation is automated trading – in this case, a trader only needs to install the EA, customize it and check trading from time to time. Forex Autopilot EA is one of the best robots for trading in small time intervals. Trading is fully automated and can be carried out on any currency pair.

Fast Forex Millions EA has made a stir at the market even before its official release. We would like to remind you that the developer of this robot is the author of such advisors as Forex Growth Bot and Millionth Point. These EAs are still in great demand on the Internet.

Any experienced trader knows that there are no perfect trading systems and robots out there – sooner or later, the volatility of the instrument changes and a series of losses appears, which means that you always have to work, collect statistics, and edit codes of algorithms.

But many newcomers, due to lack of experience, are obsessed with the idea to find a trading method that would consistently generate profits,preferably without their involvement. The sellers of different strategies and robots take advantage of this naivety by assigning sounding names to their creations, so this publication will review one of them, known as Grail EA.

Many speculators are aware of the problem of the unforeseen stop-losses as a result of market noise, which often far exceeds the calculated standard deviation. These movements result in loss for a trader, while the price reverses and moves in the initial direction, so nothing is left other than either rely on the expectation of the system as a whole, or trade without stops at all, if a person can’t take the loss easy.

The latter option can be seen in various expert advisors from Ilan family, which are well-known for siphoning. This is why experienced traders prefer to use a hedging EA. The idea of such strategies and algorithms is to minimize risks by creating a portfolio of currencies or to use the opposite orders on one pair.

As you know, griders are quite popular in the market of trading robots, but due to the fact that it’s impossible to come up with something really new in this direction, most of them repeat each other, and sometimes even duplicate. Forex Grid EA is no exception to this rule and is, apparently, a result of Bunny EA evolution.

It makes no sense to compare them, so let’s focus our attention only at the features of the EA under consideration. First of all, it should be noted that the authors created nothing new – it is a regular two-way Martingale, even less developed than any other, because it does not support two-way operation on the same chart, thereby it requires to apply the Forex Grid EA to two windows for the same currency pair – the first is strictly to buy, with its own magic number, and the second is to sell, also with a unique "magic".

Trading advisors often deserve a positive reputation in one market segment, and even after the latter has changed its nature, they are still misleading users and inspiring hopes for earnings. The situation is aggravated with the fact that the siphons with past achievements also include paid algorithms, one of which is Forex Growth Bot EA.

Additional problems in the analysis and optimization of this robot creates the "closeness" of the algorithm, whereby the logic for taking decisions is not clear; the only thing we know is that the set includes a pointer indicator, whose code is also unavailable; and the decision to open an order is made on the next candle after the corresponding arrow appears.

Today's publication will review an interesting advisor Forex Warrior, whose peculiarity is not even in its algorithm, but rather in the approach of the author, who doesn’t sell a “pig in a poke”, but is a manager and created monitoring for all his accounts. This fact and the availability of free information allow to make objective conclusions about the performance of the algorithm on the live market, not just on history.

To make money in Forex market, a trading strategy is needed, which is built on various indicators and oscillators. However, new ways of trading are emering today on the market, automated trading being one of them. Automated trading is trading with robots-advisors. Trading robots are a passive income on Forex, you only need to program the robot for your strategy. Let’s take a look at Forex Envy EA.


There’s a tradition in “robotrading”– the louder and brighter the name of the robot, the greater the likelihood that it will siphon. The reason for this is always on the surface – the creator is testing the robot at a good time and emotionally concludes that he found a gold mine. Forex Hacked EA was no exception, as its name implies that it was designed to "crack" the market, or at least provide a high yield. So let’s check whether you can trust it your capital.


Progressor EA was written back in 2011, and since then only its modifications and new versions emerged. This fact is a good opportunity to thoroughly investigate this robot, as the creators may have corrected errors present in most of such advisors written before the global financial crisis.


Many newcomers have heard about trading advisors, but after downloading the sacred file they experience difficulties with installing and adjusting the robot to start working. In fact, installation of the Forex EA is one of the easiest steps in learning of the terminal and automated trading. This instruction will tell you everything about all the nuances of this process.


When choosing a trading robot, Forex traders pay special attention to algorithms that combine several strategies, because such approach helps avoid confusion with multiple windows open in the terminal and uses less computer resources. Forex Combo System EA is a very interesting representative of this class of robots, so this article will review its configuration, features and monitoring results.