One of the most common questions asked by novice fighters currency front, is - "how to set the advisor for automated trading?". A standard set of trading platform Metatrader 4 councilors rarely meets the needs of traders to automate the trading process. For this reason, there is a constant need to import the necessary experts (Expert-called automatic algorithm in MT4).

Online, there are many sources where you can select an algorithm that meets the specified criteria. This article will talk about how to install Advisor, downloaded from a third-party resource or written manually. Typically, trading algorithm is presented in the form of a certain batch of files, which includes the file directly with the code advisor, as well as all kinds of libraries, templates, starting configurations and indicators used in the operation of the automated system.

Often the manufacturers of trading algorithms place the file manual for the installation of the program. Therefore, even if the trader is first confronted with the problem of import and subsequent operation of a trading robot, you can find among other things, a brief guide that will find answers to the question of how to install the advisor.

So, if a counselor does not provide for a file with the automated installer trading system and the distribution of all the attached file for the appropriate directory, then you just need to make a few simple steps to self manual installation expert.

Installing a counselor in a few steps.

All the established trading advisors are displayed in the "Navigator" program MT4, in the directory "Advisors". Thus, the ultimate goal of our procedure will be a hit just the same in this directory. So, here we describe some of consistent and simple steps, removing all the questions about how to set the advisor to the trading terminal MT4:

  1. Download the file from the archive of the expert. Commercial counselor does not have to be packed in the archive, but, nevertheless, this form is not uncommon.
  2. Extract the files from the archive.
  3. Distribute files into the appropriate folders. The main code file Adviser (*.ex4, *.mql) must be copied into the directory c:\Program Files\Metetrader4\experts. The rest of the files placed on the basis of functionality. Templates settings - these are files with the extension *.set. All files of this type of copy in a folder c:\Program Files\Metetrader4\experts\presets. Libraries (*.dll) copy to c:\Program Files\Metetrader4\experts\libraries. Files - The indicators are the same extension as the files advisers. We put them in the directory c:\Program Files\Metetrader4\experts\indicators.
  4. Next, run the terminal MT4. If the program runs at a time, until we have distributed files, you just need to restart it.
  5. In the menu of the terminal are on the way "Tools" - "Settings" - "Advisors". We put the boxes next to the items: "Enable Expert Advisors", "Allow live trading", "Allow import DLL", "Allow import of external experts".
  6. Separates window "Navigator" and check the availability of expert advisers on the list.
  7. To start trading advisor, simply drag it by holding the left mouse button on the graph selected tool. To bring up the settings, the expert, in which the trader can make further adjustments of the system parameters.

It's that simple! Now we know how to install a counselor in the trading platform. Despite the fact that the installation procedure of the expert is very simple, the trader may have difficulty with the settings of the trading system and its adaptation to a particular trading instrument. So, in choosing the algorithm for implementation in the sales process to selectively: to study the logic of the method, the range of tools to analyze the reviews and ratings. It is advisable to test the work of an expert on historical data.

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