Recently, interest in the scalping market goes up, you can tell by the appearance of new advisers, video trainings and courses devoted to scalping. Just what is scalping you can read articles scalping strategy. The area of high-frequency trading and all of the lucrative scalping. In this article, we will focus on scalping advisers as they are, whether they are necessary and what to look for when you select it.

At first glance it may seem that a simple scalping strategy, but from a practical point of view, is one of the most complicated. One of the main factors leading use of scalping is a tough discipline and a lack of emotion, as trader needs to constantly monitor and analyze market information. Trader - scalper opens a few dozen items a day, so the focus and attention should be at the maximum level.

But life is full of force majeure, at least people can not be on the market 24 hours a day, and not all will survive such physical and emotional stress. With the popularity and the need to run high-frequency trading, traders are able to develop scalping advisor. What is it for? The answer is obvious. If you carefully read the article, we realized that a large part of the success in scalping depends on the ability to remain calm and always think correctly. Scalping Advisor facilitates the flow of trade through the complete lack of emotion. The robot devoid of feelings, he is not worried, not afraid to take a loss, to close or open a new position.

Advisors for scalping many, their actions are usually laid standard mechanisms. One of the negative aspects, which has scalping advisor, is that checking its profitability in the long run, you will always see a minus. This is primarily due to the fact that the universal advisor for scalping is not, there is scalping during flat market, the trend, with breakdowns, etc. As the market is constantly moving from one state to another scalping adviser, calculated only on the particular phase is beginning to bear the loss. The worst thing for a trader is the uncertainty in the market, the situation is similar for the EA. Implementation of scalping forex is complicated by the fact that market participants do not see the glass prices, which indicates the volume of orders around specific levels, but there is a solution, so for example on a platform MT5 such a function, the Internet can find ways to add this feature in MetaTrader 4.

On the Internet there are a lot of both paid and free robot designed for scalping. Choosing scalping advisor, a trader needs to study the principle of its operation, to assess the quality of the input to the output of the transaction and, accordingly, to understand the conditions in which the market it operates in order to avoid big losses. In other words, you should carefully read the description and recommendations to him, and to follow them. If you are going to buy a counselor, we advise you to read the article forex advisor to buy and not to miscalculate. Do not be amiss to expert testing on a demo account to obtain more comprehensive information.

What should I avoid?

  • First in the black list contains all advisors using martingeyl.Sam Martingale method has the right to exist, but not in the scalp, we talked about a lot of products do you remember? - Martingale destroy your deposit for the day.
  • The maximum timeframe for the work - 15 minutes. All that is no longer relates to a scalping.
  • A negative ratio of profit/loss. Usually trader puts it equal to 3:1, that is, take profit more stop-loss by 3 times. For scalping may be reduced this ratio, but not less than 1:1.

I would also like to add that if trading advisor is not showing a profit of more than 2 weeks, it's necessary to refuse from it, but EA can go to minus several days or even weeks, but no more successful transactions must be at least 50 % of the transactions.

As you can see, scalping is a very complex trading method, and requires much effort, but if you want to have and are willing to learn, then the profit is not long to wait.

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