This article will talk about another popular EA called Stelz.

Advisor Stelz uses to trade well-known Martingale system. The system itself has both positive and negative reviews, but under certain conditions, to doubt its profitability is not necessary. Advisor traders like to first of all because of the small number of adjustable parameters, they, in turn, is quite clear, in general, do not have to fiddle with the settings a lot of time and the method of trade also defies simple description - Martingale, without any complicated features or additional "defensive" action. At its core, a simple advisor, trading strategy devised a long time ago, but, nevertheless, remain relevant to this day.

Default settings adviser to reconfigure, and indeed, in its settings lies the success of his trade. The only obstacle to the absolute profitability advisor Stelz is limited capital. After all, in the Martingale system after each failed transaction volume of new doubles, and so long as the deal will not appear profitable. Therefore, the first condition for Stelz adviser will be the size of the initial deposit, the bigger the better, the safer it is, the more likely the trader to succeed. If you have a small amount, such as 100 dollar, it would be better to open a cent account, it will turn into 100 dollar - 10000 cents. The next important parameter is the size of the lot, it should be minimal, so that he had room for growth, because with each failed transaction advisor doubles position. This, perhaps, is the main variables of the adviser.

When installing Stelz advisor for the most profitable, but at the same time safe trade shall be as follows:

  • LotExponent = 2 - the coefficient of increase in each subsequent transaction in the case of price movement against it.
  • Lots = 0.01 - Volume of the first order in the series.
  • Lotdecimal = 1 - How to count characters after the decimal point. (For lots = 0.01 set Lotdecimal = 2, for lots = 0.1).
  • TakeProfit = 10.0 - the profit margin in points (set at the discretion of the trader).
  • MaxTrades = 50 - The maximum number of open orders advisor.
  • MaxTradesOpenHours = 240 - Maximum time for an open order (it is recommended to install at least 240).

After setting the advisor, the trader remains to be seen. The most negative scenario for Stelz is prolonged price movement against you, in which case the profit can not appear soon, this will require a reversal of the overall trend or a good pullback. But even in this case, a sufficient deposit you stay in the win. After all, everyone knows that nothing on the market can not indefinitely rise or fall. Advisor Stelz more suitable for long-term investment rather than a quick profit.

A few tips for using Stelz:

  1. In order to protect your deposit from depletion should withdraw profit every time counselor will double your bankroll.
  2. If your deposit is doubled should not increase the initial size of the transaction, it is safer just to increase the minimum size of a transaction only when the amount of your deposit will be increased by 10 times.
  3. Do not change, the expert in trading, it can negatively affect your score.
  4. Stelz adviser must work constantly.
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