Today we review another one of the members of the "paid" automated systems (robots forex) - Advisor Trend Raptor. The authors feel free to inquire anoint advisor highly profitable, that in fact is not much doubt, and without risky, a word on the financial markets at least raises the suspicion and skepticism. The site advisor says the following:

Traders Our company believes that this EA is one of the best counselors available today to automate Forex trading.

Then offer to take a few minutes of your time to get acquainted with the real monitoring, test results and read the description of the forex advisor Trend Raptor. Let's take it and do some, we estimate adviser Trend Raptor.

Actually trading strategy adviser Trend Raptor is the author's development of Kalina Capital traders. One of the features of the EA is a flexible approach to fixing the profit and use of one of the four given options, depending on the projected advisor market situation.

Advisor Trend Raptor accurately determine the point of entry and advance trader informs the approach of decision-making through an information panel at the chart of the terminal. To enter the market forex advisor uses the assurances of developers, custom indicators and a filter that is built into the code advisor. The number of trades is more than 90 %. Range fix the profit on each transaction is between 20 and 100 points.

A distinctive feature is the advisor function "Profit Hour". In the event that after a certain time set in the settings, the quotation is not reached before the set Take Profit, and the prognosis was not confirmed, forex advisor will close the position in the current profit and begin to look for a new entry point (this function does not close positions are at a loss).

To output without loss of positions, having a negative profit, a reversal, a system of analyzing quotes in the direction of a losing position and the further conclusion to the total profit through pending orders from the signals of one of the built-in indicator adviser. The system output without loss does not use a lot exponential averaging position or the so-called system of "Martingale", which in turn maintains the level of margin and the availability of free funds trading account in a safe volume, making the trade with forex advisor Trend Raptor without risk.

The graph of each currency pair this EA forex trader informs about the existing trade preferences, trade statistics and approaching the point of making a decision to open a position. Included with the forex advisor we offer ready-made settings to trade currency pairs EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/CAD with workers timeframes M15, M30, H1. Working timeframes may vary depending on the characteristics of each currency pair. Traders companies are constantly working to improve trading strategies and options to them, to create new trade options to Advisor Forex Trend Raptor, the trader will receive a free newsletter of new settings.

So description is impressive, but that show tests and monitoring?

The graph line profits (red) is growing inexorably, without jerks, exactly. This confirms that the robot is trading profitably and sustainably. But of more interest to us here is the yellow line - available funds on the balance sheet. And here we see a very negative factor, this line has a very strong deviations from the line of the balance sheet. The graph shows how the line goes down to the level of 40 % (!). What does this mean? The answer is simple, drawdown of the account reaches 40 %. That is, at some point (on the schedule March), 40 % of traders lose all their money. In other words adviser Trend Raptor sits out of the transaction, as long as they do not come out into the black, or do not bring profits. This strategy is very dangerous and is not risk-free, as assured developers, and very risky. With long-term price moves in the opposite direction adviser Trend Raptor can merge the entire deposit.

But that does not mean that the adviser has the right to life, if you follow all of the requirements of developers it can trade for a long time and make a profit. The important conditions is to use the minimum lot, the developer recommends a deposit of 200 dollars (item 0.01). For extra safety, we would recommend an amount not less than 1000 dollars per 0.01 lots. When working with the counselor should also be careful not to reinvest the proceeds from his job as long as he does not pay for itself. That is better every month to remove half of the profits and put it off. Overall, earnings are high enough, as the online monitoring, it's 98.91 % from October 2012 to the present.

Are you willing to take high risks or you prefer a more conservative strategy you choose.

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