Throughout the day, the market behaves like a living organism – in the afternoon, during the American and European session, it is "awake", but at night it "falls asleep". Naturally, this affects the movement of the price chart, and the night Forex expert advisor benefits from this feature of the foreign exchange market.

In the afternoon, there is a lot of noise in the market, so trading is somewhat complicated, which is particularly evident in trading on small timeframes. From this point of view, night is the perfect time for transactions. But you shouldn’t count on huge profits – after all, the volatility is not the best.

As for the algorithm of the night expert advisors, they are most often indicator robots, as the lack of the element of surprise in the form of important news just plays into their hands. We can also single out a group of bots using a range of price movement during the night. These expert advisors are often trading on breakthrough of the levels formed at night. Another feature of the night bots is that they are all scalping, which is due to low volatility.

As for the currency pairs, crosses of the European currencies are most often chosen in order to get away from the unexpected price surges as far as possible. At night, during the Asian session, you can try trading the JPY crosses, but in this case the risks are increasing.

Profitable Forex night expert advisor: trading in the channel

There are many expert advisors trading at night, but not all of them are able to trade profitably over a long period of time. Night Channel EA has been showing good results until the middle of last year.

Not very much is known about the algorithm of its work. The authors recommend trading only at night and in the period from Monday to Thursday. At the same time, averaging and Martingale are actively used – given the low range of price motion at night, it looks reasonable. For each transaction, the goal does not exceed 15 points. All positions are forced to close with the opening of the European session.

This night Forex expert advisor differs from a variety of others by the monitoring results on a real account. Since the beginning of 2012 and by the beginning of summer last year, the deposit growth amounted to about 146%. Given that volatility for crosses, especially at night, is measured by dozens of points, it is quite a good result.

However, after the May 2014, the deals were no longer made, which means that the default settings of the expert advisor did not provide stable profits any longer. Experiments on the demo account confirmed those fears – areas with sharp drawdowns began to appear on the chart of the deposit growth.

Euronis expert advisor: a simple night scalper

The algorithm of this robot is not very complicated. The author proposes to use the lows/highs of candles to open transactions. Trading is conducted on m15 time interval with all popular crosses (EUR/CAD; GBP/CAD; EUR/GBP).

To make a deal, the bot constantly analyzes the closing price of the last 9 candles. If the closing price of the current candle is minimal, it opens a deal to buy, the conditions to sell are reverse. The deal is closed by the same principle, but 4 candles are taken into account, not 9.

Despite the simple algorithm, the monitoring shows a time period when the bot increased the initial deposit by 60% in less than six months. However, then things went much worse. The result of more than 3 years of monitoring was a modest growth of 14.8%, and besides, the chart of the deposit does not show stability.

The main disadvantage is that this night Forex expert advisor does not adapt to the market, and the problems may arise with the spread expansion. However, it proves that even an elementary idea can let you profit at night.

Night Owl: an expert on scalping at night

This EA trades during the Asian session on all the popular trading pairs except the yen pairs. Work timeframe is m15. The meager description of the algorithm of the EA only allows to understand that the work is carried out on a price rebound from the levels that the bot builds on the basis of daily movement.

Despite the declared multicurrency, the best result is achieved on GBP/USD and EUR/GBP pairs. Result on the remaining pairs is also positive, the deposit is growing, but it is accompanied by significant drawdowns and long periods of trading with zero efficiency.

The use of the expert advisor can be justified by the results of real account monitoring. 7 currency pairs are used for trading. Perhaps, that is what affects the chart of the deposit change – it is far from ideal.

Nevertheless, as of the end of February 2015, the night Forex expert advisor managed to get out of losses and thus far, the deposit has increased by 22.45% compared with the initial. If you limit to only 1-2 of the most effective pairs, the result should improve.


When you trade in the daytime, there is always a risk that the price will shoot in one direction or another and knock out the SL. Often there are situations where the trader was able to correctly identify the trend in the market and entry point seems to be quite good, but such an impulse turns a profitable deal into unprofitable.

To avoid the dependence from the random price movements, you can simply increase the timeframe, but it will require a corresponding increase in the deposit. But there is another option – trading at night; and you can enable an expert advisor so that you didn’t have to sit up all night at the monitor. Before starting trading, special attention should be given to time – the matter is that the time of the terminal may differ from Greenwich Mean Time.

It is safe to say that the night Forex expert advisor will not allow to increase the deposit several times over a couple of months. It can rather be viewed as a good option to gradually build-up the capital without additional effort.

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