The market is still the focus on the problems of the United States associated with the adoption of the budget. Delay of the issue, of course, hurts the U.S. economy is under pressure and the U.S. currency - the dollar. However, little progress is still there, the House Democrats made ??concessions, agreeing to reduce costs, before they were against it. President Obama has also agreed to a dialogue with the Republicans, but only after the debt limit will be raised.

The European currency rose on Monday against the U.S. dollar. The EUR/USD traded higher against the uncertain political situation in America. Trade flows are still in the range between 1.3630 and 1.3550 borders. Expert opinion ANZ Bank - possible sharp rise in EUR/USD. Reduction of the euro to the level of 1.3540, once again contributed to the interest of buyers. Bullish sentiment that abound in this pair, indicate the potential for further growth. Bank strategists also point to the continuing crisis in the U.S., coupled with the suspension of the government, investors abandon the dollar in favor of other currencies, thereby creating the conditions for the growth of the Euro. The aim of growth, according to the bank, will be the level of 1.38 .

GBP/USD is starting to recover after the correction. Bulls clearly want to continue their advance and support the uptrend formed by the pound. But the need for continued growth signals are unavailable. Positive data from the UK or the deterioration of economic conditions in the United States would be able to give a new impetus to the pair GBP/USD. So at the moment the British pound is vulnerable, the downside prevails. The important levels for the pair are the values of 1.6000 and 1.6250 .

Behaves correctly - the Australian dollar. AUD/USD is moving slowly to the level of 0.95 . To date, the Australian beating of resistance, which is located at the 0.9450 level and inhibits the growth of a couple. Provide support to Australian and good economic data. From a technical point of view, AUD/USD pair is enclosed in a range of 0.93 and 0.95 boundaries, there is support within the range, which in the short term may keep the pair from falling, it is at the level of 0.9380 .

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