On Tuesday proved to be quite active, strong movements were on the pair EUR/USD, this was due to the publication of economic data. The analytical separation of banks were generous predictions that ultimately allows us to look at the market from different angles. Overall, the situation in the markets remains the same, the focus of the U.S. problems.

We will start with an interesting view of the possible developments in the United States. Bank HSBC Bank strategists say the problem is government debt can have three scenarios. The bank even came up with the name for every possible occasion - "default", "big deal" and "get by". The most pessimistic, saying "default", it plunges the U.S. into recession, but this one certainly does not want. "Big deal" would be the best solution, and is well reflected in the American economy, but the likelihood that politicians will agree, every day is reduced. "Somehow" is a short-term solution, but, in general, will create negative sentiment in the markets. Of course, that will have to take the rap for all the "ever-green", and such currencies as the euro and the pound will grow on the back of weakness or uncertainty of the U.S. economic outlook.

The European currency has dropped substantially yesterday, and today is likely to continue to fall. The EUR/USD has reached the bottom of the channel, despite the positive data on economic sentiment in Germany and the euro area. At the end of the session, the euro fell back and is currently trading at 1.3520 . Commerzbank experts say that a break below 1.3480 will target the pair EUR/USD at 1.3316 . A Danske Bank analysts believe that the European currency will trade at a higher mean uncertainty in the U.S. and incomplete assessment of the actions QE3 and the European Central Bank. On the technical side of the price range in which the euro held recently is still relevant, and yet neither the bulls nor the bears could not pull the rope to his side.

The British pound ran into resistance at 1.6000 and traded in a designated area. Today's UK data will have a direct impact on the stagnant currency. Commerzbank experts also highlight the significance level of 1.6000 as resistance, the bank's analysts also expect that the market will remain under the mark of 1.6123 dollars in the near future. We advise traders to wait for economic data and act on the basis of the actual values, greater attention should be paid to the unemployment rate.

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