At the beginning of a week the European currency has opened above level 1.30, thereby once again confirming force of this support. The last week has inherently carried out in a range between two borders 1.31 - 30. We consider that EUR/USD steam in the near future will constantly bargain in a corridor of the prices, thus jumping from one channel in another. At present we see, how pair having beaten off from support at level 1.30 goes again up to the next purpose - to level 1.31 . To play on the dollar party in long-term prospect from the technical point of view excellent idea, but we also allocate possibility, for more short-term transactions. Traders should watch behaviour of pair of EUR/USD near borders of ranges, namely 1.30 and 1.31, and respectively to open positions on sale from resistance and on purchase from the bottom border - supports. If earlier we allocated two big channels 1.32 - 30 and 1.30 - 28, now EUR/USD steam is fulfilled even more smoothly from the technical point of view. At break of level 1.30 that at a descending trend of euro is more probable, rather than probity borders at level 1.31, it is necessary to open transactions on sale for the purpose of 1.29, and for more conservative traders up to level 1.28 .

USD/JPY steam for the last week has shown a steady growth. Having begun ascending movement with level 94, pair was quickly restored to level 98.50 then after small kickback to level 97 has continued the victorious ascension. Now all of us see, how the market has aimed at level 100, and it is probable within this week if not on Monday we see sessions how the Japanese currency will battle for level of 100 yens for the American dollar. Earlier level 100 was strong technical resistance and there is every chance that before its probitiy the market will be rolled away in area of level 99. We advise to traders to expect further succession of events and at manifestations of weakness of dollar near level 100 to open transactions on sale. Thus if the dollar nevertheless passes for a mark 100, we consider that such rough reaction as last time, the market any more will not see, also it is necessary to be afraid false a probitiya. If we see that the dollar has become stronger and feels surely above level 100, it is necessary to open positions on purchase of pair of USD/JPY, we consider as an ultimate goal - becomes recent at most 103.70 .

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