Foreign exchange market continues to be in limbo, and most currencies are traded restrained in their ranges. American problem, it seems, will soon be resolved, at least, President Barack Obama intends to meet with officials to take final action to save the country from a technical default.

The EUR/USD reached 1.3600, quickly returned to the level of the session. Growth in the euro contributed data on industrial production, which were better than analysts' forecasts and were in numerical terms, 1.0 %. But later the European currency started to decline. The U.S. dollar strengthened against the expectations of market participants in the near resolution of problematic issues of America. The dollar had a representative of the ECB's comments. He was of the view that the U.S. dollar will continue to have to act as a reserve currency. Now the pair EUR/USD is trading at 1.3550, the pair is still in the channel, and in our opinion, will be traded within him until significant news. Recall of the range is located at 1.3600 and 1.3480, respectively.

The British pound as the euro is under pressure, the pair GBP/USD 1.6000 resistance is constrained. The pair was above 1.6000 dollars, but was unable to gain a foothold there, and then began to decline. Many traders expect news on the level of unemployment in the UK, as it is one of the key indicators of economic recovery. If data will be weak, the GBP/USD pair will fly down to the level of 1.5700. At the moment, support stands at 1.5900, but if the bidders had doubts about the stability of the UK economy, it will not be able to keep quotes from further decline.

Contrary to uncertainty and a general weakening of the Australian dollar feels confident than others. AUD/USD pair broke the resistance of 0.9500 and is currently trading at around 0.9550 . Pushed up the Australian reports Bank of Australia. Since the representatives of the Central Bank talked about the possibility of lowering interest rates, but the need for it as long as they do not see, the representatives are not ready to vouch for and strengthening of the Australian currency, growth and recovery can be volatile. Now the pair AUD/USD is growing support shifted to the level of 0.95, the long-term target for the pair is a region of 0.98 .

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