Currency movements on Monday close to zero values. As expected, we observed a low activity in the market, which has resulted in the absence of strong vibrations. Virtually all of the major currency pairs remained inside their daily ranges. Even the economic data from the U.S., which were worse than analysts' forecasts, failed to give the dynamics of the market.

The EUR/USD is trading in a narrow market, which ultimately should be the trigger for a strong purposeful movement. There is only one question - where is it? Above is the resistance at 1.34, lower than the current values of the two support 1.33 - 1.32 . Today, we may be able to watch the pair EUR/USD will reach one of the goals, determine the direction of price movement may help information about the business climate in Germany. We believe that the European currency is at unjustifiably high values, positive data have given her the strength, but the problems of the euro area is still not resolved, the economy is weak, in the long run, this creates downside risks for the single currency.

The currency pair GBP/USD was trading on Monday reserved. The British pound showed growth during the trading session, and was able to grow in the region of 1.56 . Higher resistance to growth has not gone, the couple returned to the initial values. As you can see the level of 1.56 is still holding back the growth of a couple, but GBP/USD is in no hurry to decline and is closer to resistance than support. The British pound is the third day of trading in the daily range of the observed narrowing of prices (as in the case of the euro) indicates a possible sudden and strong movement. I would like to draw the attention of traders that the couple settles after prolonged growth, and further movement should point out whether it will be a continuation of trend or reversal.

Australian dollar unlike other currencies started the session with a strong decline, after idle Monday. At the moment AUD/USD broke support at 0.90 . Further reduction of quotations AUD/USD eliminate the possibility of lateral movement and the best action is to buy Australian. In the fall of AUD/USD order for the market will undoubtedly become the recent low at 0.8847 .

Abrupt changes and movement of the quotes are possible in the afternoon, during the exit of U.S. economic data. Market participants monitor the state of the U.S. economy, so the published data may trigger an increase in volatility in the market.

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