Foreign exchange market is demonstrating a significant increase in risky assets. The U.S. dollar has fallen dramatically due to the fact that the Senate had voted against the draft budget of the country. Also operates a market led economic data relating to countries such as the UK, Australia and the components of the Eurozone countries - Italy, Spain, Germany. The mood of investors and traders indicate an increased willingness to speculation, which is fraught with high volatility, and because there is still news section of the United States.

So, the EUR/USD has already been so high as the level of 1.3585, the reason for the sharp growth of the European currency was the political situation in America. Unfortunately, or fortunately for some strengthening of the euro has stopped the publication of statistics that one and all were reminded of the weakness of the European economy. One of the most important news was data on unemployment in the euro area rates, which remain the same negative - 12 %. It's also noteworthy that a significant rise in the euro, which could give a boost to new purchases, and in general a strong driver of the new uptrend is completely exhausted. The EUR/USD has returned to the level of 1.3550 and is currently trading below the specified mark. Attempting bulls take the initiative was suppressed. The Euro is trading in the same range.

The British pound is still riding high. GBP/USD pair broke the resistance at 1.6200 and is now trading on the rise. Strengthening of the pound could not prevent even economic data on manufacturing activity index, which fell short of analysts' forecasts. The British pound is clearly intended to test the maximum of the year - the level of 1.6330, and most likely it will be able to do in the near future.

The Australian dollar has worked skillfully support and rushed up. But more growth of the pair AUD/USD has contributed report Reserve Bank of Australia. Basic information, which was used by traders and investors, by arguing that current rates are acceptable for the current economic situation. The Australian dollar is rising hour by hour at a good pace, however, more likely is a temporary stop, a small correction. The nearest resistance level is 0.95, support for the pair AUD/USD is located at the level of 0.93 .

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