If properly used, the indicator can become an indispensable helper in lucrative trading. Today there are dozens of different types of indicators, and popular ones are not the latest Forex indicators, but rather the indicators proven over the years of use in real life.

If we consider the three categories of indicators (trend, oscillators, and psychological), it is noticeable that most of new products fall into the category of trend indicators and oscillators. This is due to the fact that indicators of this type may generate direct signals to make a deal. In the meantime, psychological (or volume) indicators are used more for an overall view of the mood of the traders.

The latest Forex indicators in most cases are the improvements of existing algorithms to assess the situation on the market. Some of them combine the capabilities of several common indicators – for example, AO-Modern allows you to simultaneously take advantages of AO and MACD indicators. Some new indicators allow for easy identification of graphical patterns. And only a small part uses an innovative approach to market analysis.

The latest Forex indicators: an overview of some new products

For most of new indicators the maximum simplification and clarity of the provided signals are typical. It’s impossible to mention all new indicators, so the article will cover just some of them, especially the well-established in trading.

Sunrise indicator: according to the author (Den Murakami), the indicator is based on a regular moving average, but the algorithm allows the indicator to also calculate the support/resistance levels in addition to it. Besides, depending on the market situation, the moving average changes its color (red – short positions are in advantage, blue – deals to buy would be preferable).

Forex SAS indicator is an example of a successful combination of the moving average and the RSI indicator. Even a novice trader will handle it: for a deal to buy/sell you just need to wait for colors of the arrow, trend line and RSI bar to match. Entry into the market is carried out in the direction of the arrow.

“Three Elder’s screens” is an indicator built on the basis of the cognominal trading strategy. It relieved the trader from the necessity to analyze large amount of data, while retaining all the features of the original strategy.

The latest Forex indicators: general trends

Authors of many indicators tend to simplify the work with them, so often the trader does not even need to analyze the situation. It’s enough to take a look at the color of the signal line or an arrow formed by the indicator. This feature has its drawbacks as well.

As a result of this, a trader, especially a beginner, doesn’t strive for an independent analysis. After all, the indicator can do this for them, even suggest the direction to trade. Such lack of independence is unlikely to improve the efficiency of trading.
This does not mean that the latest Forex indicators should get no attention. Just look into the algorithm of the indicator before using it. And before using it in real life, you are recommended to conduct a thorough backtesting, of course.

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