Strategies of FOREX can be very diverse. They can be based on the use of standard indicators, and can operate with the user equipment. Trading on the levels of support and resistance has always been a fairly common method of earnings from currency speculators.

That is why, at round values of certain price levels we often see increased activity and increasing volumes. Pivot SR Indicator for forex - is representative of a class of analytic tools, whose work is based on the calculation of the most significant levels. These levels are called - Pivot levels. At a given time interval Pivot levels are support and resistance.

The use of these levels opens up the possibility of traders use a more reliable and high quality trading signals. The indicator for Forex Pivot SR allows you to define the optimal levels for the open positions, out of the transactions and placement of protective orders. The use of this indicator makes it easy to identify the turning points of the current trend, and the likely point of origin of a new trend. The graph indicator for Forex Pivot SR appears as a broken line speed. This type of display indicator data is very useful for quick visual analysis of the current situation.

Installation and use of the indicator.

The indicator for Forex Pivot SR works best on short-term and medium-term time intervals. The figure clearly shows how the price levels consistently overcomes built indicator. Of course, sometimes there are false alarms, but in general, the light operates reliably.

To install the Pivot SR need to download directly to the indicator itself. Then unzip the file into the folder "C:\ Program Files\MT4\experts\indicators". Terminal during the procedure should be turned off. Otherwise, it will have to restart. After trading terminal is opened, the indicator for Forex Pivot SR can be found in the tabs: Insert - Indicators - Custom. We will just have to select the instrument (currency pair) and connect it to the LED. For optimum performance, it's recommended to use some additional indicators - filters that would help to reduce the frequency of false alarms Pivot.

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