One of the main reasons why so many people choose to market FOREX, is the hour (except holidays) the availability of trading. Such continuity of the market due to the difference in time of opening and closing the world's financial centers. Currency exchanges, banks and other financial institutions in different countries operate some time. At some point in periods of financial institutions of various economic zones overlap.

Of daily trading cycle can be divided into four trading sessions: Asian, European, American and Pacific (Pacific session is often combined with Asian). Due to the fact that during the day there is a smooth transition from one session to another, provided continuous work on FOREX.

Indicator trading sessions - a tool that allows you to isolate and analyze the behavior of the currency in each trading session. For a trader, it is important to understand the difference between the sessions. The fact is that every single regional market has its own nuances. Some currencies are a bit more volatile in some periods, and sleep in the other. Indicator trading sessions to visually determine the structure of the trading day, and also shows the number of items that have been passed a particular currency pair.

What are the benefits of being a trader?

For example, during the Asian trading session, as a rule, most activity is concentrated in the following currency pairs: USD/JPY, EUR/JPY and AUD/USD. Applying light trading sessions when working tools described above, you can see how looks vector volatility in the Asian session, and consider it when making trading decisions.

The figure below shows the indicator in action i-Sessions. This is a small program allocates different colors trading session and shows - how many points it takes one or the other pair for a given session. In our example, the Asian, European and American session highlighted in red, green and blue, respectively. At the top of each time zone shows the number of items.

Below are the benefits of using a helper in the trade as an indicator of trading sessions:

  • The ability to identify the most active periods of the trade for each asset;
  • This indicator allows efficient use of sales resources and time;
  • Information received from the indicator can be used for inter-market analysis;
  • An indicator of trading sessions may be used as a filter for a number of trading strategies that are designed for highly periods.

Today, there are a lot of custom indicators of this kind. Almost all of them are available for free. You just need to find your very own option, to download to your computer and add to the library of indicators.

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