The situation in Syria is developing a negative scenario. Waiting for the full-scale war involving neighboring countries encouraged investors to go into quality. The sale of risky assets around the world is not yet crossed the brink of a panic, but it can occur in the near future. In this case, we can see a sharp increase in demand for the U.S. currency.

In the currency market, the situation at the moment is set in favor of the dollar. Mostly, the strengthening of the U.S. currency is expressed in a pair of EUR/USD. Pound is relatively stable, as the representatives of the monetary authorities of the United Kingdom stated that the pace of economic recovery remain stable. The increased interest is marked and the Japanese yen, which is now considered a currency the refuge.

Some experts believe that the threat of a strike on Syria too exaggerated and that the real action until the U.S. government is unlikely to reach. This opinion is based on the fact that such drastic measures would entail a worsening of the problems in the economy of the state. Thus, if you are implementing a conservative scenario, the markets are once again focus on the economic data.

As can be seen from the chart, quotes, rushed down the euro in the last hours of the current trading session. Beginning to enter the first technical signals to open short positions in this pair. Recall that a significant accumulation of pending sell orders were near 1.3170 . Consequently, in the event of further decline, it's likely to see an acceleration of movement. The levels of resistance - 1.3400 and 1.3450 . Shorting the euro from current levels to 1.2750 offers quite an attractive risk-reward ratio - 4 to 1 (protective stop at 1.34+).

Good luck trading!

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