Outcome of FRS meeting turned out to be within the limits of expectations for many participants of market. Percent stake remained unchanged. After the words about decrease of volume of program QE3 the demand for dollar started to grow on markets. Stock markets EM and lost in their capitalization, because investors went out of their positions and shifted into the American dollar. At the same time, FRS did not specify any timeframes. Thus, investment community does not understand when the decrease of stimulating measures will begin.


A technical trade is happening with USD/JPY. The situation with long-term level of support ended with abrupt growth. Before opening European trading session 2.5 figures in favor of dollar are added by the pair. Those participants that are in long positions on dollar can consider the possibility to increase and improve it, pulling up the protective stop along with the profits growth. And more conservative players should wait for deployment or any other confirming signal, and only after that realize bull strategies. The closest aim is the area of 99.00. At this level yen can get some speculative support. And afterwards respectively a potent resistance at 103, and many participants will prefer to consolidate profits.

EUR/USD wasn’t able to pass long-term resistance line. After getting positive signal for dollar from FRS, the pair rushed down, while losing 1.5 figures. Currently the game for euro increase is a pretty risky step. Occupying and increasing short positions will be a pretty good tactical decision. Stop or reverse stop should be put conveniently slightly higher than 2-year resistance line. The closest aim can be levels of 1.3010 , 1.2800.

US dollar consolidated quite confidently against its Australian colleague. After passing potent support level of 0.9370, AUD/USD can quickly show the level of 0.8100. One should refrain from opening long positions on this pair, until one does not receive a signal for deployment or until the market does not return to the area higher than 0.9370.

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