The major event of the week for all the markets (and political world) was the elections of the US president, based on the data of 06.11.2012 current president of the US Barack Obama was re-elected. And now all the speculators are focused on presidents’ new decisions.

The new president of the USA has decisions to make and these problems are urgent. The main problem is the high unemployment rate, that according to the latest data on labour market it is not going down (7.9 %). The “everlasting” problem of the United States needs to be solved as well- growing national debt. This problem becomes even more serious with the arrival of 2013, that according to analysts of the US it will face “fiscal steep”, that means the end of effect of tax concession, that was approved by George Bush. There will be budgetary restraint,that along with critical budget gap limits the tools for market stimulation.


In fact there are many problems in the US economy, so investors and speculators have plenty of unanswered questions. The fact that Obama is re-elected means the continuation of FRS policy, which is based on quantitative easing and backing of the economy, however it is necessary to increase the budget gap, and it has to be reduced. Two parties will have to come to an agreement, in order to sponsor Ben Bernarke’s policy.

There are no statements about solving these problems, and the markets behave differently. During the election on Tuesday, the indexes of American stock-markets grew, the US dollar fell down, as a symbol of return of the risk. On Wednesday there was a different impression. American stock indexes are falling down and the US dollar deployed to the previously conquered heights. Unfortunately it is hard to predict market development, since the steps that were mentioned above are not clear.

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