On Thursday 22.11.2012 the USA will celebrate Thanksgiving Day. For those who know the past of the USA it is clear that it is a very important and respected day in the USA. And certainly during the most important day for one’s country brokers will not descend into a virtual pit. Put simply there will not be any tradings in the USA on Thursday, which will make its corrections in the regime of trading of world traders.

One should understand that even on European areas will be low amount of bargains, since the markets of these two parts are closely connected and some players will limit their actions, knowing that their colleagues and partners will not support then that day.

For traders selling CFD for trading futures everything is clear-there will not be any quotations on American session, that means that it is possible to relax. The quotations on currency pairs will be flowing all day long, since other areas will be open on the American continent, but one should not expect the same volume and volatility. 

That is the reason the market will not be adequate tomorrow, and one should remember that during his trading, and even limit new deals.

Low volumes create serious obstacles for technical graphic analysis, since it will not reflect the situation on market adequately.

This is a Thanksgiving Day!

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