Thursday was an active day on the market due to news background from the USA where the situation of the job market continues worsening (first claims of unemployment have increased). With this said the US dollar at the second part of the day lost its positions significantly.

Abrupt descent of dollar raised the quotations of GBPUSD pair higher than the level of 1.5200 and the question about development of the ascending movement became urgent again.


EURUSD pair grew as well but pair quotations could not overcome the slant line of the trend and it is early to think about the ascending movement.

Japanese central bank surprised the market, it produced a statement in which it said that it would continue implementing the program of softening of money-credit policy. And the USDJPY pair reacted with rapid growth up to maximum notion of late. The possibility of continuation of the ascending trend provided the renewal of maximum with this situation is very high.

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