Block macroeconomic news yesterday to make quotations of the main currency pairs fluctuate in different directions several times during the trading session. Well, at the end of the day began very real roller coaster. Strong and positive U.S. economic data the day contributed to the development of demand for the dollar, but before the FED's statement quotes again returned to previous levels. Data on employment and GDP of the United States have caused such a positive response on the dollar, as they could be an argument for the soon to minimize the program of quantitative easing. But Ben Bernanke's statement did not contain any hint of that in the near future may be a reduction in incentives.

Investors interpreted the outcome of the FED meeting, to be neutral for the dollar. According to Ben Bernanke, the volume of bonds redemption will still remain the same, and for an adequate assessment of the economic situation takes time. Apparently, at the moment the FED is not ready to make cuts QE, as incomprehensible as long as the risks to the economic recovery, which carries a folding program. Here is such a neutral rhetoric was the reason for the volatile end of the trading day.

On statements by FED Chairman quotation EUR/USD shot up and reached a local extreme in the area - 1.3344 . This was followed by profit-taking, and the couple just a few minutes they returned to their original positions. After some time, the speaker again repeated. Now the quotes are in the area of yesterday's lows around 1.3245 . It's likely that if the ECB and the Bank of England will present no surprises to market participants, there may be attempts to develop a short game to increase the dollar.

Recent economic data from the euro area suggest some stabilization of the situation. All investors will be focused on the performance today Mario Draghi. Positive forecasts of macroeconomic trends from the ECB could support the euro in the short and medium term.

Technical levels remain the same. Nearest local extremes - it's a maximum and a minimum of yesterday's trading session. In case of quotations beyond these boundaries may also be strengthening its position in the direction of the breakout. Resistance levels: 1.3344, 1.3400 and 1.3470 . Support levels: 1.32, 1.3170 and 1.30 .

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