A strong decline ended yesterday's trading session for the single European currency. Triggers this movement were disappointing macroeconomic statistics, as well as the application of one of the representatives of the ECB, in which he made it clear that the central bank intends to increase incentives. The reason for the expansion of measures to support liquidity may be the fact that, despite some improvement in the economy of the euro area, the process of recovery is still is unsustainable. Investors' reaction was not long in coming, and in the coming hours quotes European currency came under severe pressure.

EUR/USD closed the trading day at around 1.3578, losing weight by almost 2 figures. Today shorting the pair were to be followed, and at the moment quotes euros are at 1.3537 . Very close is the medium-term support level at 1.3470 . If the bears can pass this level, it will be only one threshold to annual lows. This area is 1.3430, around here now passes uptrend support line, which began in July 2013. Apparently, here we see some of the viscosity or the creation of a local demand for the European currency. This is the level where the players are on the decrease may be partially or completely (at the time) to close their positions and lock in profits.

The current technical picture in EUR indicates a high probability of a decline in the coming weeks. Thus, the levels of 1.3 and 1.28 can again be in focus on the reduction of players. Sure, now these look very ambitious goal, but we should not discount the rate at which yesterday began the fall in prices. Resistance level is the same - 1.3820 . Support - 1.3430 and 1.3130 .

The data on the British economy out somewhat conflicting. This circumstance does not allow players to GBP/USD pair finally decide on a short-term vector. If yesterday quotes pound held confidently, today investors are, I think, decided to follow the momentum in the euro. The nearest support is still 1.5890 . The passage opens her down the road to 1.56 . Thus, the potential implementation of the figure of the "double top" may be a good speculative opportunity. Positions in the drop pounds, you can open just below the 1.5890 to 1.56 . Protective stops placed near 1.60 .

Good luck trading!

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