The correction towards the rapid growth that started on Monday, after the statement from FRS about a 3-rd stage of quantitative easing continued on Tuesday.

A rebound signal for sale has formed on EURUSD pair- falling doji-star. The signal is good and one should not ignore it. It is dangerous to sell, since it is a strategy against the trend, but it is not unlikely to perform with a little stop. The price is going down gradually without jerking, that is why the stop may be short. That will reduce the risk of losses.

Pound and gold are still at a maximum level; the correction reminds consolidation, especially on gold which grew actively on Tuesday after the correction on Monday. The sales on precious metals from current levels look interesting, since the stop will be short. The goal of the short sale may be the level of 1755 for an ounce.

GBPUSD pair looks better than the market, the growth is restricted by resistance at the level of 1.6300, that is why the rebound may be great and correction on pound sterling may be deep, since apart from overall correction of the growth, the pair may recoil from the level, but it is early to enter with the current quotations. 


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