If after trading Wednesday there were only assumptions about possible deployment of descending tendency on many snit-dollar pairs, on Thursday signals proved and quotations went up. Thus EURUSD pair on Thursday finished its deployment model of doji-candlesticks by bull absorption.

Thus a double local turned over top was formed on EURUSD pair at the level of support of 1.2820-1.2830. The deployment of EURUSD local and long-term positions is not likely to result from current situation, and short purchases can be done now or later, since the ascending movement is possible up to the level of resistance of 1.3040.

Almost the same situation may be observed on pound sterling and US dollar pair. A good deployment candlestick model is clearly seen on the graph- a “deployment model”.

However based on weakness of pound sterling lately (compared to euro), one should be more careful with purchases. However one should not ignore the signal for buying, since candlestick model is pretty good.

There is a good double top on a daily graph of AUDUSD pair, which allows making good long-term purchases. The potential of growth on this pair is up to 1.0500, which may lead to serious profits.

Gold is not recovering fast enough, but last months look better, it is possible that markets took advantage of quotations danger around European economy. Purchases may be made, since gold is in pretty stable position and it may move to the top of the current consolidation. The upper border is not clear, but one may focus on level of 1780 dollars for troy ounce.

There is no pair on the market more boring than USDJPY, which can’t show a significant trend for many months. The pair is still at its minimum and it is drifting without any plans to grow. Yes. There are abrupt lunges that are connected to different nonstandard events, but USDJPY pair keeps drifting and is moving to its minimum. Thus it is better to trade for sale with slight growth and short stops, aiming at closest local minimum.

It is Friday and exit of price indexes in the USA, which may influence market forces.

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