The hurricane with a female name brought its own corrections into trade, since during the first three days the deployment of dollar took place and now it is not growing, but falling. It may be caused by very significant loss provoked by bad weather. According to the latest assessments, the damages may be around 50 billion dollars, which is a significant burned for weakened economy.

Two good signals appeared on Wednesday. The first one and a very beautiful one was long-awaited, which was the signal to buy gold. Gold had been in a narrow consolidation, that looked like a triangle, for several days, but it was broken today. Undoubtedly it was broken very fast which means that the current impulse is strong, and there are chances that the impulse will grow into a steady tendency. It is worth buying gold anyway, because the psychological mark of 1700 turned out to be insuperable for the descending movement and now there is a possibility that the quotations would be growing up to the next psychological mark of 1800 dollars for troy ounce.

Another good signal is the breakdown of the channel of GBPUSD pair. We would like to remind you that the pair has been trading for a long time only inside this descending channel, and now this peak channel and GBPUSD pair fix the closing of the day higher than the channel, which is a signal for purchase. The movement up is restricted by the resistance of 1.6300, but the potential of development of events looks well.

But EURUSD does not look similar, however this pair looks up.

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