Trading on the Forex currency market is accessible to almost anyone. And even the existence of a reliable capital is no longer a condition for profitable trading, open a deposit can be any amount, even with the 10 dollars. Many traders begin their trade with little capital, in this connection were even developed special adviser for small deposits. They are mostly designed for short-term trading and for a quick profit.

So adviser for small deposits have become increasingly popular because of their low capital requirements. Few are willing to risk large sums, therefore limited to a few hundred dollars at best. The most common way of the EA for small deposits is high-frequency trading - scalping. This strategy advisor makes a lot of transactions per day and can show good profitability. But in this method of trade is negative and if the counselor will make a series of losing trades, your deposit is likely to reach the zero mark. So even if you have an advisor should not expect, that your 10 dollars will bring you profit.

If you just started to study the forex market, you should understand that an important criterion for any successful trader is the ability to limit their losses. Of course, everyone chooses their own risk, but the stop-loss level should not be scanty, the price fluctuates constantly, and your transaction will be closed on foot. Therefore, using the adviser for small deposits, you need to watch what levels recommended limit losses exhibit. If it's 50 points, and you just 10 dollars, you will be able to withstand only two losing trades, and in fact it often happens that the adviser is closed in the red for five consecutive times. We recommend opening a deposit of at least 30 - 50 dollars, so you will give full play to the advisor of the trading strategy.

What are some ways you can still increase your chances of success if you decide to use forex advisors for small deposits? One of them is the Reinvest money earned. By Simply put, the money that you have earned with the help of advisor, you do not output, and continue to keep the account, thus increasing their capital. Using this method, you will make your deposit more durable, you will be nothing to worry about even a series of losing trades that can be derived from the traders with small capital. The second way is to use cent accounts. With the help of a cent (micro) bill amount on your account is displayed in cents, that is, 50 dollars will look like 5000 cents. The use of small lots, with such amount will significantly increase the effectiveness of any expert, but do not forget that the profits will also be charged in cents.

What specific select an expert to trade on a small deposit? In fact, everything is very simple, you can use almost any counselor for short-term trade, but there are a few conditions:

  1. Having the ability to adjust the stop-loss.
  2. The absence of restrictions on the minimum deposit.
  3. Ability to change the size of the lot.

You also need to understand that the councilors are designed for long-term trading, we do not fit. Primarily because of the possibility of substantial drawdown, which our small account can not sustain. The second reason lies in the fact that the yield of long-term advisors are usually much smaller than the other, so we are not profitable to wait too long to get a few dollars, and that is how much we get, with a small deposit.

Adviser for small deposits are especially good for beginners who are just learning to trade for the first time or moving to a real account. Also, sometimes a counselor can be used with a decent capital, but it is better to make sure of its profitability is intended. A plus is the fact that almost all advisors for small deposits are free. So do not be afraid to experiment, to successful trading!

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