Among traders using advisers for trade in the FOREX market such adviser as ILAN is very popular, about it and speech will go. It is necessary to begin with that the adviser of ILAN not automatic, but mechanical, that is is necessary control from the trader. The adviser of ILAN is intended for the short-term trade based on fluctuations of exchange rates on the FOREX market. The adviser closes open transactions itself at achievement of a certain profit level (teyk-profit). Stop лоссы in this strategy are not provided. What the adviser with unprofitable positions does? The mechanism of adaptive averaging of a cumulative position is applied to a conclusion of unprofitable transactions in profit.

The main feature of the adviser of ILAN is direct dependence between profit and risk. At work with small risks the income makes 10 - 20 % a month if you are ready go on more considerable risks profit can to reach several thousand annual interest rates.

Principles of work of the adviser of ILAN.

Standard updating of the adviser does business on schedules with taymfreymy H1 (1 hour). The adviser opens transactions at the beginning of each new hour, thus should be met a condition that there are no other transactions open this adviser.

The transaction on BUY: Opens in case the price of closing of the last hour is higher, than closing one hours ago.

The transaction on SELL: Opens in case the price of closing of the last hour is lower, than closing one hours ago.

As you can see, the principle of opening of transactions is simple, and who has told, what strategy should be difficult? Such approach provides uniformity of work of the adviser, excepting the periods of expectation of a signal on an entrance. Main task of the adviser not definition of the best point of an entrance, and management of already open positions.

In the version of the adviser of ILAN of 1.6 conditions of an entrance became more difficult, instead of with it has changed and таймфрейм on which trade is conducted.

After position opening, the teyk-profit and level of restriction of the loss, defined in settings of the adviser is established. And level of restriction of a loss, always above, than value of an initial teyk-profit. Such course is made to give to the market space for small jumps of the price and possible noise. If the price reaches teyk-profit level earlier, than level of restriction of a loss, the transaction is closed and the profit is fixed.

If after transaction opening the price reaches level of restriction of a loss, at this level one more transaction in the same direction will be open. So the cumulative position for which the average price of opening which by definition is essential better, than the price of opening of the first transaction is defined is formed. And what if we have faced change of the general trend and when it will be developed it is not known? - you ask. Feature of the adviser of ILAN that for receiving profit it is not necessary to wait for a turn! It is enough to wait for formation of a little significant correction of a new trend to fix profit on a cumulative position - after all its average price essentially closer to the current market.

Such strategy is known just as position averaging, only banks, large investment funds and large investors since rather large capital to wait correction or a turn is necessary often use it can.

The adviser of ILAN allows to use this strategy to investors even with the small capital. First of all thanks to exponential change of volume for the second and the subsequent transactions of a cumulative position (that is with each new transaction the transaction volume increases), in the second use of a credit shoulder does the deposit of the investor to more capital-intensive that also is one of strategy requirements.

As a result it is possible to carry to pluses of strategy:

  1. Possibility to regulate profit depending on a risk level.
  2. Permanent job, each hour new transaction.
  3. Strategy simple and clear.

To minuses:

  1. There is no restriction of losses.
  2. It is necessary to have the considerable capital.
  3. Independent closing of the transaction - is necessary to watch the market constantly.
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