Use of robots in online trading has long been a usual practice. Both traders and the EA creators went far enough in this direction. Of course, many traders want to make good money on the first place, and then also make money without much efforts and frequent control. They want to turn a robot once and take profit in the end of the month.

Today there are a lot of debates over the qualitative results of the EA application. This is why the question remains open. This is understandable, because an “expert adviser" is essentially the same trading system, with the only difference that it trades for you. That is, if you use the same couple of indicators and extremes and start trading when all three values point in one direction, the expert advisor will work in the same way. It waits for the signal of the three components (talking in its mathematical language) and immediately opens the order.

Aladdin expert advisor was not an exception. This EA was developed many years ago, but was improved with each new version, and as a result we have the following.

Aladdin EA is fully automated. Well, that's understandable, since it wouldn’t have been a robot if it wasn’t automated.

It has a good advantage: small deposit. It means that one hundred dollars is enough to trade at 0.01 lot. This is a clear advantage. At least, it clearly makes sense to try it with real money of a hundred dollars. After all, you can earn, despite the chance of loss.

Much points to its stability in the work without extreme factors. The drawdown is 5-17%, though there is much feedback about 40%, which is weird. People are either lying or not, so it’s better to check anyway.

A good thing is that this EA doesn’t use martingale. It is a real plus, as combinations like "locks", "keys" and “bolts” led to nothing good.

The account is multicurrency, which means it can be used not just with any currency, but can trade on all present open currencies. And here it becomes interesting. EA uses both directions of movement, while taking into account the basic movements and kickbacks. And it’s doing this for all currency pairs in all time intervals. The matter is not even in the amount of profit, but which pair will get it faster.

Another advantage is its simple work with well-known indicators: MA, CCI, ATR, WPR. Pretty nice combination.

To enter the setup menu of the EA after it is installed on the terminal, you just need to download it, save it in your "expert" folder and then just move it on a chart. A standard procedure, as always.

Then you can click a bubble icon and choose necessary parameters in EA menu, as the advisor allows doing so. When you are done with customizing the software, just start trading with Aladdin EA on. 

So, to sum up everything we know about this robot, we can say that this tool can be used only in a limited mode, because its creators went a bridge too far. For example, it’s better to opt for one particular currency pair. The reason is clear: dynamics of different currency pairs differ and the EA should be thoroughly adjusted to one pair (which takes time). And only then, after all necessary settings are chosen, and the EA is already trading on one pair, you can apply Aladdin to another currency pair.

A significant advantage is that the EA consists of fairly good indicators, while using it for all time intervals doesn’t bring good results. Here everyone should decide for themselves, as they say.

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