To trade profitably and boost deposit, though refer to the increase of the deposit, are fundamentally different concepts. To boost deposit means to trade aggressively with increased risks, which in some cases can in a short period multiply the initial capital.

EA to boost deposit usually trades at small time intervals (m1-m15), sometimes on h1 and above. Classical trading robots usually focus on security of trading, so they are not suitable for a multiple increase of the deposit within a few days. Most often, the griders are used for this purpose, possibly using Martingale.

Basically, the main problem of expert advisors to quickly increase the deposit is their instability. Efficient trading may abort at any moment, everything will depend only on the trader’s luck. By and large, any expert advisor that trades on small timeframes can be adapted to boost deposit, you just need to choose the appropriate options.

How to properly use the EA to boost deposit

Despite the fact that this type of trading can be called quite risky, when boosting deposit, you also need to follow certain rules and take into account the trading style of the EA. For example, if the robot uses Martingale, then it is best to trade in a horizontal channel, if the market began a strong movement, then manual closing of all transactions and the temporary shutdown of the EA are permitted.


Besides, it is necessary:

  • to follow the news and disable the EA before sensitive data release;
  • not to leave the deal for the weekend, it is best to disable the EA on Friday afternoon, without waiting for the close of the market. The activity usually subsides in the evening, and the robot can get additional loss;
  • if you manage to trade positively, you will need to withdraw the amount of funds equal to the deposit as soon as possible. In this case, the trader will risk only with profit, which will not affect their purse;
  • at the most risky MM option, the money are not withdrawn, but the lot is constantly growing. It is fraught with the loss of the entire deposit. Capital management is generally regarded as the basis for profitable trading, and in the case of the deposit boost, it's a necessity.


In addition, it is also important to choose the right broker. Since trading is likely to be conducted on a small timeframe, it is important to react quickly to requests. Slippage can significantly degrade the result. In addition, some DC wary of too active trading robots that open a few dozen transactions per day.

Testing of the popular Trader Setka grider

It makes no sense to test the EA to boost deposit for a long period of time – at its best, the trading robot will last for 1-2 months, and then you will have to re-select options. Trader Setka EA was chosen for testing, and testing was performed on 2-month time interval.


Since the beginning of September to October 10, 2014, trading on m5 timeframe with EUR/USD pair, the EA was able to almost triple the initial deposit. Profit amounted to an impressive $29,002.61. At that, the drawdown has reached 86.57%, which suggests that it didn’t siphon off the deposit only by sheer luck.


For the purity of the experiment, the EA with the same parameters was tested for the period of July-August 2014. As expected, the deposit was siphoned off, and money in the account ran out very quickly – in just a couple of weeks. Like many others, this EA to boost deposit proved unstable.

A tenfold increase of the deposit – is it possible?

Bunny expert advisor was also selected for testing: this trading robot is freely available and, judging by the reviews, is able to show good results with competent optimization. To boost deposit, aggressive settings were used, and testing was also performed on 2-month time period (m5 timeframe, EUR/USD currency pair).


During the period from the beginning of autumn to October 13, 2014, the earnings were $109,158.4, i.e. the initial deposit has been increased by almost 11 times. Most of the transactions closed with a profit, but the expert advisor was simply waiting out the price movement in an unprofitable direction, so in this case, a good result can be considered a rather happy coincidence.


In the summer months (testing for July-August 2014), a very fast deposit siphon off followed –by the end of July, the money in the account were lost. So, this trading robot proved rather a lottery than a stable source of income. In general, this situation is typical when boosting deposit. There is no such thing as a free lunch, in the case of the accelerated growth of the deposit, the fee is a higher risk of trading.

Should you use the EA to boost deposit?

There are many freely available expert advisors that guarantee at least doubling of the deposit within a few days. The guarantee of quick money should alert the trader. The fact is that the really profitable expert advisors are quite rare, but in this case the profit for the month is in the 7-15% range. And 2-3 times increase of the deposit over a week is similar to fiction.

Such results can be achieved at backtesting, but it will take considerable time to optimize the expert advisor. In addition, the outstanding results on history provide no assurance that in the future the EA will trade as profitably.

Strictly speaking, the EA to boost deposit guarantees to siphon off the deposit. The question is when it will occur and whether the trader will have time to withdraw a sufficient amount of funds until this moment to cover at least the amount of the initial deposit.

Therefore, these expert advisors can be recommended only to the adventurers – you won’t lack the adrenaline. But such expert advisors should not be considered as a source of steady income.

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