With the popularization of automated trading in the foreign exchange market, more and more traders and investors are trying to find a profitable forex advisors. Some say that profitable advisors are available only for the money, and rather big, somebody thinks that they do not exist, and someone says that for several years using a free advisor, downloaded on the Internet, and makes a profit. The truth, as always, is somewhere in between.

First, let's answer the question "Why spread profitable forex advisors"? The fact that the presence profitable EA several people, even several thousands in no way creates competition in the market, the amount of transactions per day which exceeds several billion dollars. That is, if you share with someone your advisors, your income will not be affected, the strategy is no longer profitable, it will work as before. If you understand and accept this fact into consideration, the question of the distribution of profitable EA's is rhetorical.

One earned a million and one lost. Why is this happening? - The money is the same. Perhaps the simplest reason for the change of status with profitable to unprofitable is ongoing market volatility. People change, change in technology, some of intercepting leadership in others, economic cycles Finally, all of this is the reason for the change of trends in the market, so the strategies that have worked in the past are not always effective in the future. It's always necessary to remember and look for profitable forex advisors, where the life is not more than 1 - 3 years. Yes, trading techniques and strategies may differ little from that of their predecessors, but their exact parameters subject to change. The levels of profit or limit losses vary depending on the speed of the global market, or to slow it down, the entry point is also determined by other factors other than the past.

The experience of the trader can also help determine if there is the potential of the adviser or not. Successful traders know that losing trades in the market are inevitable, and therefore, for example, once can weed out advisors that promise to be even. Such examples are many, we need only look at the description of the counselor to understand it's in the category of profitable forex advisors or not. So follow constantly improve, learn new strategies, practice.

Usually advisors who give good results, active discussion forums, with these advisors are real controls. Company traders quickly and efficiently optimize the algorithm for the robot, making it even more profitable. Often created some of the biggest amateur advisers with modified settings that make it work, such as more risky, but generating increased revenue. Therefore, the study of information on sites and forums, and chat with other traders will help you quickly find a profitable Expert Advisor.

Many traders reject the existence of luck factor in success, but we believe that, like life, in trade luck plays an important role. Who established the newly released counselor and a profit 3 years, and someone decided to wait for the results, and ultimately missed the most profitable trades. Forex Trading is constantly connected with risk and often traders willing to take the risk of getting the best entry point, most profitable forex advisors and the greatest profit. But it's necessary to understand the distinction between reasonable risk and deal in the "maybe".

Uncountable number of advisers who can extort from the Internet are either too risky, ill-balanced or not refined, with obvious flaws. Here, again, will be very useful "entrepreneurial streak", an experienced trader can see the flaws and try to fix them, thus obtaining as a result a profitable strategy. In most cases, are born and profitable forex advisors.

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