Probably every beginner remembers their emotions when they first learn about automated trading: you just get an image of a steady income without any problems deep in your mind. In fact, traders often face difficulties even before the direct EA work, and their consequences are not immediate but rather emerging at the very moment when the happy trader submits a request for withdrawal, but the dealing center (hereinafter DC) starts to cancel deals or cut profits.

The matter is that each DC has its own trading terms and restrictions, and its own advantages and capabilities. With this in mind, let’s devote this publication to the following challenge: how to find the right advisor for forex4you. Besides, we will also test some example.

Before choosing an EA for forex4you, let’s take a look at the main trading terms of this DC, the most important of which are listed below:

  • relatively low spreads and no restrictions on the deal retention time: this allows using the scalpers robots;
  • several types of accounts, one of which is a cent with an option of accrual swap turn-off: this is a good condition for the medium-term strategies.

As is clear from the abovementioned features, you can choose absolutely any EA for forex4you, and in the end it is all about tuning the algorithm itself, without regard to the broker’s specific conditions. The only unlikely problem a trader may face is to use a minimum lot on a cent account, combined with a low coefficient to multiply the lots of subsequent orders in the series. However, this applies to all brokers and is connected with simple math and rounding strategies involving Martingale.

Testing forex4you EA and summarizing

You can choose any robot we have reviewed on our portal to test the EA, and the result won’t be worse, since some of them were tested in this particular dealing center. But we will consider a decent EA for forex4you called “2sides stoch”.

The choice fell on this algorithm as it has been seen working incorrectly in some DCs, as its key feature is a Stochastic indicator, whose signals largely depend on the delivered quotes. After a brief optimization, we obtained the following results on the five-minute timeframe with EUR/USD pair:

Following the analysis of the obtained results, we should note that the periods of drawdowns resulted from the Martingale mechanism and are within allowable limits. Most of the signals were worked out in a timely manner and without gaps in quotes downloaded directly from the forex4you servers. As practice shows, the quotes quality in a real time mode is rarely worse than historical ones, because the brokers constantly develop their hardware and software, so you can definitely say that results will not differ much on a real account.

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