The automated trading plays quite a specific role in online trading. This can be judged on two opposite views justified differently by the traders. One part of the traders still has a free preference for manual trading, the so-called old-fashioned way. But at the same time, many of the professionals have long trusted their automated trading advisors in deposits. Special disputes are usually resolved in “I trade how I want” way. Actually, there’s not much to argue about, because the market is merciless to everyone, no matter what method a trader applies.

One of those is Cobra advisor. This is a pretty new advisor designed to determine trend and make deals. According to statistics, you just need to choose the options you want.

There are quite a lot of positive reviews from the traders. So, what kind of advisor is it? To take a look at how it works, you must install the software.

After the advisor is installed in the terminal, we choose Cobra EA, then select the test currency, specify period and mark "Optimization". Then put a check in the properties and load cobra.set.

Once loading has completed, press Start. Despite the fact that the instructions mentions "by the opening prices” model, you can use "all ticks" feature. After that we’ll get a process like this.

It will take some time, but this is due to precise proceeding of price movement history. This, in its turn, is necessary for the optimization process.

After receiving the result, it’s better to stay at minimum risk. This is why from all these conditionally optimal options, we’ll choose the least drawdown. This is 17 % of the deposit. Deposit amount is $105. As a result, we have 102 deals per month and a half, and a profit of $29.43. We believe this is a great result.

And these are the results of the parameters that have been set.

So, what do we get here? A profit of 30 percent in one month, or rather one and a half months.

In this case, the daily interval is taken in three-four months period. Profit is minus 25%. Here one inexplicable factor becomes clear. Under all the laws of price movement in the time intervals difference Cobra EA gives a loss for the older time interval. Now, if turn your logic on, two conclusions are suggested.

  1. You must configure this EA for each time interval, which is not quite the same as the general principles of the majority of basic instruments.
  2. Somehow, this EA is working much better with market noise than with "pure" price charts, which is generally unlikely.

Optimization indicators have too large discrepancies. This means that potentially, the advisor is very risky, which, in its turn, requires more stringent control. But in this case, using this advisor simply makes no sense.

Despite the fact that Cobra adviser is supposed to work with cent accounts, it can also be applied to deposits of $100. Thus, the operating principle of the adviser is to identify the main movement and pullbacks. Moreover, it has an inherent sensitivity to pullbacks, and not always in the "normal behavior". Determining the trend movement, this indicator simply increases the total amount by the number of orders. And the risk is that a pullback may turn into a price trend reversal. And then what? The trader won’t always be there. Another important point is constant deep drawdowns. 

Thus, it is hard to classify Cobra adviser as something new and unusual, because if this tool really had any resonance in the trade, all the web and the market would be discussing this news. Hence, we can conclude that automated trading lovers lost the dispute in this particular perspective of this advisor. Without continuous monitoring and settings optimization, the results are unsatisfactory.

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