Along with the undeniable advantages of automated trading (independence from emotions, strict adherence to the strategy rules), trading robots also have a significant disadvantage – they can only work when connected to the Internet. Wide spreading of tablets makes us think about installing the advisor on the tablet.

Forex advisor for iPad would allow the trader to verify its operation at any time, besides there would be no need to keep your computer on or pay rent for the server. Unfortunately, we can’t compare the functions of MT4 versions for PC and iOS yet – the differences relate primarily to automated trading capabilities.

MT4 trading terminal version for iOS was introduced in early 2012, and there are analogues like iTrader and AdmiralMarkets. They all provide access to news, analytical services, quotes online. The terminals allow you to work with pending orders and download historical data. Unfortunately, installation of the advisors is not allowed.

Forex advisor for iPad: how to take advantage of automated trading

In the case of the trading terminal installed on the PC, you can install the advisor by simply copying the file with ex.4 or mq.4 extension to Experts folder. This is not possible with versions of trading terminals designed for iOS.

Although you can’t install Forex advisor for iPad directly on the tablet, you still have the chance to take advantage of automated trading with a tablet. You will have to use software for remote access to the computer. TeamViewer or its paid counterparts are suitable for iOS.

To make this solution work, the PC with installed and running terminal must be always on and connected to the Internet. Trader can constantly monitor trading via remote access program.

At the same time, the tablet can be used to perform the same tasks as you would do with a PC. The iPad screen will display the existing graphic constructions and all orders, the trader will be able to start/stop or correct the advisor and its parameters and view the log files. The only difference is that everything will be done not by using the mouse, but with gestures.

Forex advisor for iPad: prospects of mobile trading automation

Remote access to the computer is rather a necessary measure, this solution is not without some shortcomings. It cannot completely eliminate the dependence of the trader from the PC. Any malfunction of the computer cannot be corrected remotely and trading will stop. In addition, when the Internet connection is not very fast, there will be noticeable delays in updating the working window.

In recent years, much attention is paid to the mobile trading. For years, traders can make deals via their smartphones or tablets. But all mobile trading terminals have the same drawback – they do not allow automated trading directly via the smartphone/tablet.

Screen tablet diagonal and hardware power allows using it as an alternative to the PC. Therefore, developers of trading terminals seek to achieve the approximate equality of opportunities between versions for tablets and PCs. Given this, in the near future the Forex advisor for iPad will become a reality.

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