The Forex advisor Grid is one of the most popular Forex advisors. Being a martingale advisor, this advisor can speed up trading accounts in short period of time. Of course in this case you also have a great possibility to lose the whole capital. Usually traders, who trade with the aid of advisors, just prepare a small part of their fund, to get the chance to receive additional profit without high risk. 

As the Grid advisor can inflict losses to the deposit, the trader should always count the current profit. Experienced users of this algorithm recommend conducting cash outs. Thus, if the advisor meets with the wave of losing transactions, it will not be able to bring the whole profit back. This approach makes the work with this indicator similar to the trading with options contracts, when the trader always risks with fixed parts of the account, but at the same time has the possibility to get limitless profit.

The Grid advisor shows different results on the ability to bring profit in different years. Back testing one more time proves the fact that trading with this system is a very risky operation and you should use quite conservative money management strategy. The graph clearly shows parts of the funds’ losses. 

Advisor’s modes of operation

Advisor’s operating procedure includes the constant opening of positions with the increased lot if the first transaction falls under minus. These orders are places according to the grid principle. Thus, deeper the loss, more orders should opened. Of course this mode of operations requires quite large fund. The fund should be large enough to cover general fluctuations of certain instruments.  

The Grid advisor is the risky currency market trading instrument. To reduce the risk you can use the following method. You should use a currency pair and open two graphs with the same timeframe. Choose the option “Only long” for the first one and the option “Only short” when you attach it to your chart. Now, the trading advisor will built differentiated pyramid of buying and selling. Also, the advisor’s producers recommend checking such an important parameter as Magic Number, which should be different on the first and the second graph. 

The Grid advisor can work on cent accounts.  This is a great possibility for traders to test the system and know all nuances without spending much sum. To install the advisor you should conduct the standard procedure, which has been described many times in the relevant articles.

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